Spring Cycling Fashion in Toronto

Guest Post by C.M.

Bicycles are the latest fashion accessory to go mainstream... the weird thing its not normally what people think of when they think "fashion accessory"... although obviously Paris Hilton seems to think chihuahuas make good fashion accessories.

So ignore the bracelets, the faux scarves, the Fendi bags... watch out when you walk into Club Monaco or any other high end fashion store for women and the biggest accessory in the room is a shiny European-style cruiser bicycle with a price tag of $599 or more.

Blame the explosion of bicycle culture in the mainstream of urban centres around the world, but I am personally going to blame traffic gridlock and Ontario's graduated licenses program (which didn't even put a dent into teenager driver accident fatalities) for making it so much more difficult for young people to get a driver's license.

Whatever the cause, the point is bicycles are now considered kewl and the must-have item for fashionistas who are increasingly environmentally friendly, love yoga, have experimented (and possibly failed) with veganism and seem to have forgotten their boots are made of leather, and so is the nice bicycle seat their sitting on.

Online cycling culture and style has been promoted heavily. There is thesartorialist.com which has a cycling chic section with photos from Milan and Paris, but the absolute favourite is copenhagencyclechic.com, which should be enough to make any red blooded Canadian man drool due to the veritable harem of attractive young women on bicycles on that website.

And when you're thinking fashion, don't think spandex. Yuck. Think jeans, skirts, short shorts and an array of clothing that compliments the female body instead of just clinging tightly to it. (I for one believe cyclists who wear spandex are morons with no fashion sense and wannabe racers.)

In Toronto cycling fashion has reached a point where I sometimes stop my bike and just watch the other cyclists go by just so I can admire the females and their bicycles whizzing by. I can appreciate looking at both.

If you're interested in cycling chic in Toronto you can also check thecommonelite.org, which illustrates you can pretty much wear whatever you want when cycling... and that spandex wearers are a bunch of socially inept rejects.

Footwear and choice of skirt matters little either. You will frequently see young women wearing miniskirts and platforms (or even barefoot) while cycling.

New Fashion Bloggers Wanted

So today we removed 2 fashion bloggers from our list of bloggers - because they haven't posted anything new in years.

Which means we have openings for new fashion bloggers! Yippee!

So what are we looking for in a fashion blogger??? Well lets answer that with some Q and A:

Do I have to be a female?

No! In fact, we would really like it if we had more male fashion bloggers who want to contribute. Very hard to find such men who take an active interest in fashion blogging.

How often do I need to contribute?

Well, not every day clearly. But at least two posts per year would be nice. Or more. You can contribute as much as you want.

Can I post links / advertising?

If it is on the topic of fashion, absolutely you can post links / advertising to fashion, jewelry and a variety of things that fits within Fashion Salon's mantra. Especially if you are posting to things made by Canadians.

Any rules?

Yes. All posts must be family friendly.


For fun you can also schedule posts that come out on specific dates. For example we already have an upcoming post about Spring fashion relating to bicycles that will come out on April 1st.

We don't recommend posting videos. The reason is because often the video later disappears, so it is better to post photographs because at least those stay. That doesn't mean you cannot post videos, simply be advised that sometimes YouTube removes a video and we don't find out later that the video doesn't exist any more.

The Best Bra for your Breast Type

Infographic guide to choosing the right bra for your breast size, shape and your needs.

Cellphone Little Black Dress

Back in 2010 there was a new cellphone on the market and it was coming to clothing retailers near you... or rather its a dress that just happens to have a cellphone built in.

Except it didn't really catch on. So much for that idea...

Oh well.

The "M-Dress" is a slinky black frock which comes with a cellphone sneakily hidden into the fabric, as part of the sleeve so that when you lift your arm to your ear you pick up the call and can talk to whomever is calling you. Unfortunately its only been designed to have one programmable number for calling out, but they're hoping to add more programmable settings so it can be voice-activated. A SIM-card is embedded within the dress and the antenna is in the dress hem.

Wearing a 'superspy' dress like this means you don't have to go hunting in your purse whenever your phone rings... and better yet you don't look like one of those crazy homeless-looking people with bluetooth crap who talk to themselves.

The dress isn't meant to be worn everyday, but it is ideal for events when you don't want to be carrying around extra items. Its also smart enough to tell the difference between when you're scratching your ear or trying to phone someone.

Made by CuteCircuit, founded by fashion designer Francesca Rosella and anthropologist Ryan Genz, the dress is available at Selfridges starting in October. The company also makes tops with lights that flash/change colour as you move, a Hug Shirt which vibrates when someone texts the word HUG to your cellphone and a LED gown like the one Katy Perry wore to the Met Ball in New York.

Pink Tartan's fashion groove

Pink Tartan is a groovy spin on classic glamour. Their spring-summer 2011 collection was unveiled back in October 2010 at Toronto's LG Fashion Week and combined retro sophistication with a touch of the 1970s.

Designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran used black glam and lush, fluid dresses, Caftan-style, one-shoulder, stripes, gold buckles, lots of pockets, halter-styles and plunging necklines.

But really... how many pink strapless jumpsuits can you wear in a week? Can you really wear bell bottoms all the time?

And if your answer is YES, YES I CAN, then you are probably the type of person who would redo your whole wardrobe to make sure it matches.

You go out and buy new shoes, new socks, new hat, new handbag and so on...

And then you realize your furniture doesn't match your new wardrobe.

So you go buy a new couch, new bed, new chairs, new decorations.

And before you know it your home doesn't match the neigbourhood. You need to find a nice stylish neighbourhood, like Weaver's Mill in Georgetown near Brampton. You buy a new townhouse, but then you realize your car doesn't match...

So you go buy a new car, something shiny that matches your iPhone and has lots of gadgets like satellite navigation.

And you drop your dog off at the pound and buy a new one which is hypoallergenic.

And by now all your friends have left you before you've become a snob, but don't worry you'll make new friends who are equally snobby.

And then next year the fashion styles of what is "new and kewl" changes again and you have to go through the whole process all over again.

Is Steampunk the New Goth???

Watch out what you see on the subway late at night because while in 2001 you might have seen some pretty freakish goths, by 2011 standards that just isn't weird enough. Steampunks (or depending on your fashion sense, Steamgoths!) is the new thing.

No, there's no fantasy element to this. True, many goths were into Wicca, vampires, magic, fairies and such... steampunk is about retrofuturism... anything that looks old but is futuristic at the same time. Think really weird pocket watches, corsets, circa-1900 clothing and gadgets that run on something other than electricity. (Like the steampunk clock shown below.)

Part of this fad (if you can call it that) can be blamed on the Sherlock Holmes movie that came out in 2009.

However there is several other films we could blame as well, including:

  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, 2004
  • Van Helsing, 2004
  • Steamboy, 2004
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2003
  • The Time Machine, 2002
  • Wild Wild West, 1999
  • Sleepy Hollow, 1999

In terms of clothing however this is the part where there is lots of room to grow.

See brassgoggles.co.uk and community.livejournal.com/steamfashion for ideas.

Goggles is a common idea when people think of steampunk, but its a bit of a cliche too.

Think leather, brass or copper, gears, clocks, levers, chains (like bicycle chains), Victorian patterns, pinstripes, damask, argyle, hair is usually up or a bob... You can also have fun with tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, torn clothing, tools (ie. pocket wrenches and gauges).

"[Steampunk is] drawing on actual history. You can pull into it what you're into and put your spin on it. It's accessible yet expandable," says Jake von Slatt (aka Sean Slattery, of Littleton, Mass.), who likens the philosophy behind steampunk to open-source software. "There is a real focus on sharing, exploring things together, building community."

Steampunkers also have conventions to exchange ideas and compare clothing and gadgets, they dress to the nines and party like it's 1899.

Mr. von Slatt is currently "steampunking" a fiberglass, 1954-style Mercedes kit car, adding salvaged gauges and lights from other cars and gold filigree trim. Drawn to steampunk's "do-it-yourself, making something from nothing" mantra, von Slatt scavenges most of his components.

Basically wherein gothic culture the protagonist is a vampire or demon, in steampunk the villain is a gadget-crazed mad scientist.

And the hero is a goodie-two-shoes bicycle mechanic who builds himself a steampunk bicycle...

I am sure he gets plenty of weird looks, but anybody who is into bicycles will appreciate what he has done. Its a retro recumbent bicycle, and that is just plain kewl.

If you are looking for something steampunk-esque to read, we recommend The Keepers of the Maser series of graphic novels by Italian comic book author Massimiliano Frezzato.


Government of Canada selling used thongs

The government of Canada is desperate to get rid of its budget deficit and its selling everything including the kitchen sink in an effort to balance the books.

Thus any Crown assets, including seized or forfeited property, is being sold off... including used thong underwear. Its all about prettying up the bottom line.

Seized property includes items gained through police seizure, tax evasion seizure, and so forth.

In 2010 the Canadian government sold a mere $14 million in Crown assets.

The Public Works and Services Canada’s auction website is currently displaying a range of sexy thongs that come in pink, magenta, violet, blue, silvery black, white and nude. The lingerie items are advertised "as is" and "like new".

And they're apparently selling like ice cream cones on a hot day. ie. One box of 10 panties sold for $50. Another box containing 14 bras sold for $171.99.

Some of the thongs still have the original tags on them and some have never been worn. The thongs were seized from stolen from an Ottawa lingerie boutique, recovered by the Ottawa Police, but never returned to the shop because they had already been covered by the store’s insurance company

Thus the police handed the thongs over to the federal public works department.

The sale of stolen/seized property results in a small commission for Public Works, and another % is re-invested in educational programs targeted towards reducing crime. The rest goes towards trying to balance Canada's budget.

Buyers are anonymous and protected by privacy laws.

Unlike eBay and similar auction sites bids aren't posted until after the sale is made. Its a silent auction and there are plenty of deals to be had.

Unfortunately shipping is not included. You have to pick up, pack and ship the items within 5 days of getting the winning bid.

The Conservative Party is also thinking of selling the CN Tower in Toronto, but only if the Conservatives can get re-elected. No word on whether that will also be a silent auction.

What to Wear on a First Date

By Suzanne M.

I have been asked to join some fellow Canadian bloggers who write a blog called True Love Bites, available at http://www.truelovebites.ca

It is a relationship blog, with a twist of humour, which explores a wide range of topics, including "First Dates". Which got me thinking about what people wear on a first date, fashion wise.

Do they dress fancy? Casual? Deliberately dress down? Or try to find a balance... "Business Casual" has so many definitions it is truly undefinable.

So perhaps the best term for this scenario is "Date Casual", which is to say casual, but the clothes is usually freshly cleaned, the person is recently shaved, showered, etc - which unfortunately means that some women will rush home after work, shower, shave their legs, do their hair, pick out clothing, and then rush back out to meet the 6:45 date. While men, depending on the person, may simply go straight from work to their date, wearing the same clothes they wore since 8 AM, with a 5 O'clock shadow, etc.

Check out the video below for example (which was shown on a recent post on True Love Bites) and notice how the two people meeting for the first time end up talking about his sports jacket (and WTH does she not know what a sports jacket is???) She shows up wearing a jacket that looks like a cross between a trench coat and a fuzzy bathrobe, but somehow the topic ends up being about his idiotic sports jacket.

Yes, the video is more about the concept of Augmented Reality Dating - but even though their reality is augmented using their contacts, they still feel the need to "dress casual but professional" on a first date. So it really comes down to first impressions.

Too Professional - Might make the person seem too boring and rigid.
Too Casual - Might make the person seem sloppy and lazy.
Just Right - Somewhere closer towards a happy medium, hence "Date Casual".

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "dating casually" or "casual dating", which refers to people who go out on dates with many different people, but don't actually form long term relationships with them because they just want to try lots of different people on like someone shopping for shoes.

So for example lets look at the images below.

Overall very casual, but the blazer jacket makes it slightly more professional.
A blend of casual and professional, but looks pretty boring. Too much grey.
On the left the scarf makes her look more professional and artistic, but still flirty.

On the right the large bag and loss of the scarf makes her look easy and sloppy.

And because this is a Canadian website we should also talk about what happens during the winter. Do you sacrifice being warm for the sake of fashion? Or do you manage to combine smart fashion with something that keeps you really warm? Like a parka, poncho, knitted sweater dress, etc.

Below, some samples of ponchos.

I even saw a guy recently outside wearing a poncho while he was playing Pokemon Go. So it is both fashionable and practical. In other news it is snowing outside my window...

In more other news here are some posts from True Love Bites. Check 'em out!
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In the beginning...

"a fashion accessory for idiots"

A friend of mine recently referred to the iPhone 7 as being "a fashion accessory for idiots".

I don't think he is wrong either. Apple is basically the equivalent of the worst sweatshop clothing manufacturer you can think of. They use cheap labour in South Korea and other Asian countries to make the phones, use technology from Samsung, add their own proprietary charging ports and make it deliberately annoying for iPhone users to charge their phone.

The new iPhone 7 takes it one step further. Now the headphones also uses the charging port as the plug. They got rid of the normal audio jack completely.

Which means you have three choices:

Option 1: Wear the ugly and battery powered "AirPods", shown below:

Option 2: Use an adapter just so you can use a normal audio jack, shown below.

Complete with moron talking about how great it is.

Option 3: Use the headphones that come with the iPhone 7. Which are ugly. So ugly I am not even going to show them here.

As fashion accessories go, Apple seems to be shooting themselves in the proverbial iFoot, by deliberately making their stuff unfashionable.

Take this idiot below with an Apple iPhone 7 Plus strapped to his face. He might look cute with his well-trimmed beard, but the average person doesn't look like that when they have something like that strapped to their face. Instead they look like a complete idiot.

Complete Idiot with iPhone 7 strapped to face.
This is the silly thing too. Since the iPod came out, Apple's primary goal has been to promote their products as being "hip and fashionable" to the younger generation. But the people in charge of the company have started to become old and out of touch with what is fashionable. They think the AirPods wireless headphones shown further above are worth $219 CDN, despite the fact that they are ugly and only store a 5 hour charge. That isn't fashionable or convenient. That is ugly and inconvenient.

Which brings me to another thing my friend stated, that technology is all about more convenience. People buy toasters and microwaves because they are convenient and easy to use. Same reason why they buy washing machine, automobiles, etc. They have a purpose that makes their life more convenient.

In the world of fashion we also have things that are convenient...

#1. High Heels - a convenient way of making yourself look taller in a world which is prejudiced against short people. (Don't pretend it isn't true. Height-ism is a real thing.)

#2. Black Dress - a convenient way of making yourself look both thinner and sophisticated with very little work involved.

#3. Handbags - a convenient way to carry your stuff around, which frankly is a sign we have too much stuff. I personally prefer backpacks, but hey, personal preference.


But the iPhone 7 is supposed to do a bunch of different things, in theory, which are supposed to make your life more convenient - but is not.

Getting rid of the standard audio jacks is not convenient. It is annoying.

Forcing people to buy AirPods for $219 is not convenient. It is highway robbery.

Trying to get people to try virtual reality headsets is not about more convenience, it is about not looking like an idiot. It would be easier to promote Victorian wigs as a fashion accessory than to try to convince people to wear their iPhone on their face and look like a complete idiot.

Seriously, we should totally bring Victorian wigs back.

Having to powder your Victorian wig wouldn't be very convenient I admit, but it is at least fashionable. It also makes a person look taller, so if combined with high heels...

Oh and for fun check out these High Heels: The Bullet. Perfect for the femme fatale look.

Raccoon Fur Collar in China

Okay so I found this photo randomly.

And I was like wow. Raccoon fur. That is a bit like wearing rat fur or squirrel fur. Or any other kind of rodent.

So apparently wearing rodent fur is a thing in Asia. I admit, it looks good, but I think it is rather strange to be wearing rodent fur.

Meanwhile in Canada we are obsessed with removing raccoons humanely and setting them free in the wild.

Especially when you consider how adorable and cute raccoons are. Definitely not something to be wearing.

Super Long Legs - Anastasia Strashevskaya

On the right is a photo of a Russian fashion model named Anastasia Strashevskaya.

Anastasia Strashevskaya reportedly has some of the longest legs on a female model in the world. 42 inches.

Proportionally speaking. She is 5'10" tall (70 inches) but her legs are 42 inches of her 70 inches height. That means 60% of height is in her legs.

There are other fashion models around the world with really long legs - including one from Houston Texas who stands 6'5" tall (77 inches) and was once told she was "too tall to be a model". Her legs measure 51 inches.

So the model from Texas is taller and has longer legs, and has proportionally longer legs too. 66.2%.

But whatever. This isn't a contest to see who the biggest freak of nature is. (Or is it?)

Anastasia Strashevskaya does have some pretty long legs and they do seem to be helping her modelling career.

The model from Texas, not so much.

There are similar models from Britain, France, Brazil and other countries with legs ranging from 42 to 49 inches long, all with varying heights and different proportions. Clearly some of these models were drinking lots of milk as they were growing.

More calcium = longer, thicker bones. Huzzah. Milk is also a great source of protein. Learn more about Why Calcium Rocks!

How to Dress like a Manly Man

By Monique Bellamont - March 2016.


It is that word many "manly men" shy away from - metrosexual.

Which we women find silly because it reveals that many men are so homophobic that they refuse to deal with anything that is remotely "gay".

As such men's high fashion has suffered over the decades to the point that men really can only wear suits and uniforms. Anything too risque and they feel they are being emasculated

However done right, men's high fashion doesn't have to look metrosexual.

What it should look like however is:


And a touch of James Bond doesn't hurt.

As such high end clothing for men really needs to flatter a man - building a bridge between "uniform / suit" and "rugged casual wear".

Check out the image below to see what I mean. The men in the photo below, all wearing clothes from Toronto-based company Kish Wear (see http://www.kishwear.com/), look rugged yet sophisticated. And this is what men want when it comes to high fashion. They want to look professional, yes, but they also want to look like they could doff a cowboy hat and ride off into the sunset at the same time looking heroic while they do it.

 Now as a single woman who dates a lot I have to imagine waiting in a coffee shop for the guy I met off POF to show up.

And then he shows up wearing a black bow tie, wearing a white shirt, suspenders, a black jacket with fur collar (I am describing the photo on the right here) then I am going to be instantly impressed and have the following first impressions.

#1. This man is intelligent. He is smartly dressed.

#2. This man knows how to dress properly and takes care of himself. He probably bathes daily, does his laundry regularly, and might even wear cologne on special occasions.

#3. This man probably knows how to treat a lady. If he treats himself well, then he probably treats others well too.

#4. This man has a job / career. He wouldn't be able to afford this quality of clothes if he is still living in his parents' basement.

#5. He looks like Viggo Mortensen. Part of that is just the hair and beard, but the clothes completes the package.

#6. Retro. And anything retro is cool. So that is automatically a bonus.

Thus, first impressions, I would be very happy to meet a man dressed like that. Whether his personality matches mine, that is another topic, but the first impressions means that I will be taking this man seriously and he will be having my undivided attention while I sip my latte and contemplate a second date.

Below are some photos from Kish Wear's 2014 Winter Collection available at http://kishwear.com/lookbook/winter-2014

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Fall/Winter 2014

This is actually from LAST year, 2014, and it is currently December 2015... However not so old that it doesn't matter. Why? Because lingerie fashions really don't change much from year to year.

Agent Provocateur's stylish ways don't change much from year to year either. They're pretty awesome every year.

Plus I like the whole old school exercises thing they did, juxtaposing lingerie with exercise equipment was quite smart in my opinion.

Retro Swimwear for Women

Looking for ideas for retro swimwear or bikinis for women? Look below and check out some interesting ideas.

The ideas below are a mix of styles from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s - with a dash of modern versions of the classics thrown into the mix.


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