Move over jeans, Trousers are in

FASHION - Jeans will always be cool, of that there is no doubt. But its starting to look like they will have a lot of competition from the growing trend of wearing trousers.

You would think that jeans, perhaps the most proletarian piece of apparel, known for durability, strength and versatility, would soar during recession times, but instead blue jeans appear to have fallen out of favour with women (sales are down world wide over the past 8 months). Denim is practically a demi-god in the fashion world, but in this David and Goliath story it seems like the lowly trousers now has the advantage.

It used to be that blue jeans were kewl. Rebels wore blue jeans. Now everyone wears them. My grandma wears blue jeans. High school teachers wear blue jeans. George W. Bush wears blue jeans (he's really trying hard to fit back into civilian society).

Conclusion? Blue jeans aren't that kewl any more. The hip thing these days is the more counter-culture look of trousers, sometimes made of leather or my personal favourite, army camouflage.

In the world of jeans sales for three of the sector's publicly traded players – True Religion, 7 For All Mankind and Joe's Jeans – have declined in department stores. The market is over-saturated with too many jeans brands (and ridiculous prices) and everybody (and I hate to sound like a fashion snob, but everybody includes the ugly people) is wearing jeans now.

They've also run out of gimmicks too. Shredded them, rhinestones, sequins, tread marks, coutured leggings, acid washes, crystals encrusted in them... its been so over done. And its become two other things: Blue jeans aren't worn by rebels any more, they are worn by rich people and by squares.

Such an '80s term I admit, but that is the situation we're in. To borrow a Canadian term, jeans are for hosers.

"Denim was a symbol of youthful defiance, embraced by Marlon Brando, James Dean," writes Daniel Akst, a Wall Street Journal columnist. "Now we're all rebels, even a billionaire CEO like Steve Jobs, who wears blue jeans and a black turtleneck whenever unveiling new Apple Computer products."

So the laws of fashion dictate that its time for change. And if jeans are out, a different sort of pants must step up.

Trousers come in a variety of shapes: Drop-crotch, dhoti, high-waisted, full-leg, peg-leg, multi-pleated, harem – all different styles and all taking great strides to topple jeans in the popularity contest.

The unusual shape of trousers is another part of the new rebel look. It may look slouchy or slovenly, but they're also comfortable and compliment your legs by making them look thinner in comparison. They're more flattering than pants that cling and betray your faults.

The soft, comfy fabric is what wearers seem to love about the new-look trousers, especially the slouchy jodhpur-style pants. Quite a few are made from Lycra or rayon, giving them a bit of the '80s glam-rocker look.

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