Goth, Courtesan and Kabuki

FASHION/GOTHIC - East meets West, Victorian gothic meets kabuki performer and designer Marc Jacobs takes aim at trends with a scattergun.

Seeing what he did it looks like he ripped off ideas from "The King and I", "Blade Runner" and Queen Elizabeth I era fashion... victorian ruffles, gothic lolitas... mixed with army jackets and khaki trench coats.

He also deliberately played fashion don'ts... like wearing lingerie as outer wear, a luxury fanny pack and socks with sandals.

In other words... you'd never actually wear this stuff outside.

Don't get me wrong, I love gothic fashion... but I think fashion designers playing lip service to gothic culture is just lame. The things they design don't appeal to real goths, and the fashionistas like myself won't wear this crap either because:

#1. Its too expensive.

#2. Its full of fashion faux pas don'ts.

In his latest show Marc Jacobs mixed leopard prints... you know the kind that old women with dyed blond hair, gold teeth (or missing teeth!) wear... seriously. That stuff may look good on a thin fashion model, but marketing that is just a bad idea.

I swear some fashion designers are just complete hacks. They just copy whatever they see and never come up with anything original.

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