Short Skirts coming Spring 2010

FASHION - All the top designers are pushing short skirts for women in Spring 2010. Below are: Prada on the left, Dolce & Gabbana in the centre and Versace on the right.

In other news where did the decade go? Its October 1st 2009 already and in only three short months it will by January 2010. Seriously, WTF. Seems like only yesterday the United States was worried about Y2K, and then George W. Bush snuck into the White House... then September 11th 2001, the War in Afghanistan that failed to capture Osama bin Laden, the War in Iraq that failed to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Tsunami in Malayasia, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the American Recession started in 2007, Barack Obama got elected in November 2008, and slow but steady economic recovery in 2009.

According to some fashion gurus the trend towards short skirts happens whenever people are short on cash. Skirts costs less than dresses, and the less fabric used often the less expensive the skirts are. Thus frugal people are more likely to buy them.

HOWEVER, predicting fashion trends based on economics are tricky. What if the economy completely rebounds by Spring 2010 and people have more cash to buy whatever they want?

Well, you see there's also a backup issue... global warming and climate change. With hotter temperatures people will be wanting more short skirts anyway, so its also a pretty safe bet people will want them since jeans/dresses will be too hot.

So my advice? If you see shorts skirts on sale and you absolutely love them and think they will be kewl to wear in the future, buy them.

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