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FASHION/TECHNOLOGY - There is a new bra coming to North America, and its positively and negatively attracted to itself. In case you didn't read the title of this blog post, yes its a magnetic bra.

Look ma, no hooks or clasps!

The bra is being offered by lingerie retailer La Vie en Rose, but they're not the only ones going magnetic. Wonderbra also has a new magnetic bra out being promoted by burlesque star Dita Von Teese... and not because its easy to take off, because it actually isn't as easy as it looks.

La Vie En Rose's version is called "Magnetic Attraction" and it retails for $33.95 CDN each. It also comes in three styles – the Boost push-up, the Daily lightly padded and the Au Naturel unpadded.

You see in the past attempts to make a magnetic bra always failed because the magnets were too weak to stand up to the stress of say... jumping up and down, running, or even simple tasks like bending over to pick something up.

Whoops. It popped open again.

But these new magnetic bras are MUCH MORE POWERFUL and both La Vie En Rose and Wonderbra are daring people to come into their stores and put them to the test.

Because apparently these things aren't budging. You can jiggle it, jump and dance in it, run, whatever.

The magnet's sheer strength is already annoying men too... its even harder to remove than those old hook bras, causing complaints:

"Why did they invent this? Is it supposed to make it easier? 'Cause it's not."

Of course the bra is also causing some jokes, like what if paper clips get stuck to your shirt... or if you can't find your keys and they were stuck to your bra the entire time. Let alone problems with airport security.

"Finally a bra I can open, and also hang on my fridge!"

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