Paris Fashion Gaffs

FASHION - You know what a gaff is right? Its a mistake. Its a blooper. Its the outtake that usually doesn't make it into TV or magazine spreads.

But unfortunately in the fashion world these gaffs do make the news, and in a silly way some people actually take them seriously.

Like the two images to the right.

You see, as an artistic / creative person myself, I would be totally embarrassed to make things that look so ridiculous. They can't be worn, they can't be taken seriously, they're barely even 'art' because they're not making a statement about anything.

And the holes? What is the point of that? There's no statement there. Ripped blue jeans makes a fashion statement, but only if the rips are real. Fake rips are for poseurs.

And then there's the 1/2 dress / 1/2 business suit... WTF is that? What a complete waste of fabric.

Sometimes I swear Paris fashion designers are sniffing glue or something. They could be making fashion which actually helps people, looks good, gives people jobs, makes them look professional...

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." - Mark Twain.

To infer from that, well-dressed people are leaders and go out and change the world. People who dress like idiots will be treated like idiots (and not taken seriously).

And they say fashion isn't important?

1 comment:

Aish* said...

EFF! i couldnt agree more. When i saw this i was like waiting for soemthing mind blowing but all i thought was "HUH? what are u trying to say weirdo?"
p.s love your blog

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