Brazilian Student Expelled for wearing Mini Dress

FASHION - Brazil is known for women wearing skimpy clothing, but in university students usually wears jeans and a t-shirt. However when Geisy Arruda wore a tight pink dress to class however she was accused of "immorality" by the university who says she behaving in a slutty fashion and disrespected "ethical principles, academic dignity and morality."

The incident happened on October 22nd when she had to be escorted off the campus by police.

The dress shows off quite a bit of leg, but that is about it. I've seen way worse at universities in Canada.

The private Bandeirante University backed down today on its decision to expel 20-year-old Geisy Arruda following a flood of negative reaction. The Brazilian government also came down hard on the university, giving them 10 days to clarify its reasoning for kicking out Arruda.

I smell lawsuit.

Eye-Catching Ka-Pow Shirt

Nothing beats Pop Art when it comes to making an eye-catching shirt that makes people look.

Much better than those shirts girls sometimes wear which say SLUT or similar offensive things.


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