Fashion designer Alexander McQueen commits Suicide

February 11th 2010.

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen was confirmed dead yesterday morning. The 40 year and 4 time British Designer of the Year hung himself in his luxury apartment. According to McQueen's twitter website he was upset over the death of his mother, Joyce, who died a week ago.

McQueen is described as the Hooligan of British Fashion, first starting in London’s famed Savile Row at age 16 where he worked as a tailor for Anderson & Sheppard and Gieves & Hawkes. He was lead designer at Givenchy from 1996 until 2001 before joining Gucci. He was awarded the CBE in 2003.

McQueen first gained attention for his “Bumster” look (pants cut low at the back to reveal ass cleavage). In haute couture he was known for his sculptured silhouettes, sending trained wolves down the runway and even based a collection on the Salem witch trials. He even sewed a vulgar message into the lining of Prince Charles' jacket.

His Highland Rape 1995-1996 collection featured torn bodices and was a commentary on the Scottish Highland clearances of the 18th century.

McQueen's mentor, Isabella Blow, also killed herself three years ago at the age of 48. After her death, McQueen went on a pilgrimage to India in hopes of finding spiritual solace.

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