Boycotting Peter Nygard

FASHION - Its not often I discuss boycotts, but in this case I am making an exception.

Peter Nygard is a 67-year-old Canadian fashion designer known for marketing to women in the 25 - 35 range, supporting breast cancer research and his playboy lifestyle.

But what you might not know is he routinely treats his workers like slaves, abuses labour laws, skips out on paying for work permits, uses sweatshop labour in his factories... and his sex life involves 16 year old girls. Sometimes younger.

According to former staff Peter Nygard routinely has wild sex parties, has a staff member who is charge of luring young women with promises of being on the lookout for supermodels but in reality he's just looking for a roster of young girls to have sex with. Some of them allege he's raped or sexually abused them.

In one case Peter Nygard admitted the one girl had been living on his wallled estate in the Bahamas and that she had been there since she was a teenager. She had basically been held captive there because employees and guests aren't allowed to leave the estate without Nygard's personal permission.

Staff members allege Peter Nygard frequently has temper tantrums and shouting matches, verbally and physically abusing employees for HOURS at a time. Many employees have left due to a combination of physical, sexual and verbal abuse.

And then there's his factories overseas in China, India and Indonesia... where women and children work in sweatshop conditions producing clothes that are later sold in Peter Nygard's stores in North America and Europe.

So do you want to buy clothes from a man who is best described as a "tempersome rapist" and a "belligerent control freak"?

I think I'll pass. I'd sooner spit on him if I ever met such a horrible old man in person.

Its my firm opinion that most men who get involved in the women's fashion industry are just doing it so they can live like playboys and have sex with young women. Peter Nygard confirms that belief. He's an absolute sexist pig.


Andrea said...

Agreed! Everyone should boycott this scum.

Marchesa said...

Again.... I support the boycott. These people saying he is so wonderful blah blah blah is probably his PR team posting for him all day long. Like I said I worked for him for years and the documentary is completely accurate and even MILD in comparison to what we endured working with him.

And some more news about Nygard today hahahah... more reason to boycott.

SWEATSHOPS!!! please go ahead and read the links below.

Karma is a major BITCH

C. Moffat said...

This blog comment feed was recently attacked by Peter Nygard's employees hoping to distort the truth. The person or people responsible were creating new accounts solely for the purpose of leaving comments in support of Peter Nygard.

Peter Nygard has a whole team of lawyers and media personnel working to discredit the Fifth Estate documentary and suing any news agency that says anything bad about Peter Nygard. This includes threatening bloggers.

As the website designer/moderator I have removed all comments from people currently working for Peter Nygard.

ipwnj00 said...

I own a lakefront cabin not too far from his, on falcon lake in manitoba. He frequently comes out to visit and i see him fairly regularly.

Last time, i rode my bike super slow in front of his yellow Nygard hummer for twenty minutes while he verbally abused me.

nygard is spoken of as a sexist, tempermental, asshole.

No one in my town likes him. NO ONE.

i fully, and wholeheartedly support this boycott

JaneyJuniper said...

Wow! You guys are sure opening my eyes! I hope the moderator won't delete my post because I work for Nygard. I started as a store manager for Nygard International 7 months ago. I have wondered for awhile about the control freak policies, extremely cranky upper management, and mostly about the boxes that come labelled made in indonesia. I started doing research, because I couldn't stop worrying that the boxes from indonesia were coming from sweatshops. I will be giving my notice tomorrow. I don't believe in this crap! Sweat shops and sexual

Hannah said...

Hi. Sadly, I used to work for this scumbag, in two stores in succession, in 2008 through 2010. I' ve never worked in such an atmosphere before. Both managers I worked for were wonderfull woman, but were overshadowed and frankly worked in fear of both the manager above them and Peter Nygard hinself. The employees are paid a mere pittance hourly and forced to stand for hours at a time - think an eight hour shift where you are forbidden to sit down. and have to hope and pray that when you desperately have to go to the washroom the store will magically empty so you can lock and run because most of the time you work solo. And then deal with the nightly verbally abusive emails that might give you koudoos if you've had a good/day/sale/week, but then automatically raised the bar - so where is the thanks???? It was frankly tempting with the nightly email question of "What will you do tomorrow to generate higher sales" to reply "???? Dance naked in the food court????".

When I left, (Note - I Quit - I was not fired ).I left with good relations with both the manager and the rest of the staff I felt really bad leaving because I did have a great relationship with the local store manager (who really wanted me to stay) and staff and was actually physically moving away, But - was very relieved and happy to be getting out of the whole sick and twisted Peter Nygard retail experience.

EVEN the next manegement level above store level courted me for several years to come back - I could pretty much have my choice of several stores to manage. The last time they contacted me I made it pretty plain that I wasn't coming back - which was a couple of years ago now.

The good experiences of working there - I liked the store level staff very much. I found to my suprise, that I was a pretty darn good salesperson because I honestly did like the clothes, and seened to be able to relate very well to the middle aged and elderly cliental.

Peter Nygard said...

I wholeheartedly agree! My experience has led to realize what a disgraceful man he is. Have you seen the video about his companies involvement in using sweatshops in Bangladesh & Cambodia?
Peter Nygard Sweatshops

Peter Nygard said...

He really is as abhorrent a person as you say. I worked for him for 6 months and would never do so again - he's a narcissist and generally rather unpleasant.
If you don't mind me posting, here is a link to a blog about this despicable character:
Peter Nygard Blog

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