Peter Nygard's empire reeling from CBC expose

By Ai Lung Nguyen - April 2010. Edited by S. MacNevin.

Peter Nygard's fashion empire is reeling today from a recent blow to its popularity. So much so his army of lawyers and staff (those that are still loyal to him and/or have never actually met him) have been sent on the attack, trying to discourage the blogosphere from writing about his dirty filthy life...

And how he is basically a 21st century "slaveowner" living in the Bahamas, according to the National Labor Committee.

Let me explain...

Peter Nygard is a Canadian fashion designer who owns a string of fashion stores for women. He has done very well at it and is now a millionaire (his net worth is valued at $800 million) living on a chunk of an island in the Bahamas where his employees are not allowed to leave the compound and are basically treated like slaves.

According to the CBC Fifth Estate documentary "Larger than Life", Peter Nygard also has faced a string of complaints from airline staff, fashion models and even women as young as 16... the long and short of it is he is an abusive "rapist" who hides behind a team of lawyers and basically gets away with whatever he wants to do. The allegation of rape comes from a young woman who was once a guest on Nygard's estate but has since gone missing. Nygard's lawyers claim there was no foul play, but the girl hasn't been seen since.

Recently a multitude of ex-employees (including two escapees from his Bahamas compound) made a huge expose on the CBC show The Fifth Estate, basically exposing to the world that Peter Nygard is nothing more than a temper tantrum prone sexual predator who treats his employees like slaves... the kind of man who deserves a come-uppance. The Fifth Estate has received numerous past awards for the quality of their investigations.

Now here is where the blogs come in... ever since that the Fifth Estate aired that documentary Peter Nygard's lawyers and staff have been attacking all the blogs which mention what a big phony he is, how he masquerades as a playboy when in reality he's a 67-year-old man who cheats on his wife and has sex with astonishingly young women.

Back in January 2010 Peter Nygard set a record for child support payments, $15,091 per month for children he fathered. So far he has fathered 7 children by 4 different women.

Philanderer? You bet. Low life cheating bastard is a better description. Slaveowner might be a stretch (read the National Labor Committee report on how Peter Nygard is involved in human trafficking and forced labour in Jordan), but forcible confinement would certainly be accurate for someone who would not let his employees leave.

These are the kinds of words Peter Nygard does not want to be described as. His reputation and his clothing sales are at stake if a boycott against him is formed... too late.

Numerous boycott pages on Facebook have been made, but they keep getting deleted by Peter Nygard's lawyers by claiming they contain copy-written material.

But the thing is, between the Fifth Estate documentary which shows Peter Nygard treating his employees like slaves and the National Labor Committee report which shows he is involved in human trafficking / sweatshop labour, Peter Nygard's reputation is on the ropes.

No amount of lawsuits or lawyers will stop the anti-sweatshop movement from talking about Peter Nygard and encouraging a boycott of his clothing lines.

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