Wonder Woman's Fashion Makeover

Wonder Woman has a new look, for the first time in 69 years.

And frankly its about time she got rid of the stars on her buttcheeks. That was a little too American and clichéd.

The new Wonder Woman hits stores TODAY, and its the landmark 600th issue. She's still hot, she still takes long-time love interest Batman's breath away, but its a darker and more modern costume... and it reminds me of Rogue's costume from X-Men.

"It's a new contemporary look that matches the storyline of the series," says Dan DiDio, co-Publisher of DC Comics. "We wanted to reinvigorate a character that has had a [look developed] in the 1940s for the current audience and hopefully attract a new audience."

Will it make comic book fans happy? Doubtful. They rarely like change.

The 600th issue also starts with a much darker storyline by writer J. Michael Straczynski. Wonder Woman's home is reduced to ashes and ruins and there's a dark side to the new heroine: She wants revenge but needs to come to terms with her own humanity. Revenge was always part of her character, but they're playing it up more now.

"What we also haven't seen before is her new look, the first significant change in her appearance since the character debuted in 1941," says Stracyznski. "It reflects her origins in both the outside world and the world of Amazons: tough, elegant...a street-fighter's look which also incorporates elements of her classic design."

Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by psychologist William Moulton Marston as the ideal heroine. They tried to change the costume in the 1960s to appeal to the feminist movement, but that didn't go over that well. "The less said about that the better," says Straczynski about the previous failed attempt.

DC Comics is betting it will be different this time around. The new costume is only a partial change... no more star-covered shorts in favour of tight black pants. Everything else is still there. Its pretty much guaranteed the shorts will continue to pop up in artwork and issue covers, but the plan is to gradually use the new costume more often.

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