Sexy Sweaters

FASHION - Its chilly during the Spring sometimes and if you wanna stay warm without having to carry a jacket everywhere I find sweaters and cardigans work quite well.

And better yet, sweaters can be quite sexy if you know what to look for that will accentuate your figure.

Evidently you need to exercise some brains when picking a sweater... the one below may look interesting on the catwalk, but is certainly not practical.

The one below may be good for showing off cleavage, but its lack of shoulders makes it look slutty.

I really like this one with the matching skirt and grey hat. See Fedora Femme.

Who says stripes and a turtleneck can't be sexy?

Nothing complicated here. Its not even tight fitting. The long length makes you look taller and thinner.

Try to avoid grabbing yourself. Yes. You're sexy. No need to brag about it.

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