Valeria Lukyanova

The photos below are of Ukrainian fashion model Valeria Lukyanova, who uses makeup to make herself look like a real life Barbie Doll.

Oddly enough she doesn't accomplish this feat using cosmetic surgery. Everything is done with exercise and makeup (and a healthy dose of lucky genetics). See Valeria Lukyanova Exercising + Makeup at to learn more about how she manages to do it.

So I guess that is proof that hard work, exercise, healthy food and dab hand at makeup can do some pretty impressive things.

Now you might think, oh that is just photoshop! Except it isn't. Don't believe me? Click the link above and watch the videos of her exercising and you will see she really does look like that in real life.

Military Style Jacket + Hat

Want to jazz up your wardrobe with a jacket that looks like its from a 1940s spy thriller?

Look for a jacket like this one plus a matching hat that will go with many of your other jackets.


15 Winter Beauty Tips

In the winter the cold air dries out your skin and hair and this can be disastrous if you don't take steps to protect your hair/skin from damaging effects.

How do you stop this???

1. Nourish your skin and keep it protected by using a moisturizer perfect for your skin type. I find products containing coconut oil work wonders.

2. Alcohol strips away moisture from your skin or hair, so avoid products with alcohol. (Oddly enough, this includes drinking alcohol... the extra alcohol in your blood reduces your hydration levels, which in turn dries out your skin. So try to drink in moderation.)

3. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Avoid coffee (too much caffeine is bad for your skin and your health in general, plus loss of sleep = loss of beauty) and drink non-caffeinated tea instead.

4. Chapped lips can also be a problem if you're outside regularly (whats the point of looking awesome if you can't go outside???). Use a lip balm that’s at least SPF 15.

5. Winter exercises are the hardest, but don’t give up on the exercise. Just hire a certified personal trainer in Toronto and stick with it! Personal trainers are great for getting you motivated in the winter to exercise.

6. Exfoliate! Dead cells tend to pile up during the Winter.

7. Get that healthy dose of sleep. Get at least 7 hours of sleep, if you can’t fit in 8 hours.

8. Take a 30 to 60 minute nap on weekends or after work. Think of it like a siesta. The extra sleep helps to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

9. Try to wear non-irritating fabrics. No harsh wools or itchy polyester.

10. Avoid over-washing your hair. Too much washing sucks the moisture out of your hair and leaves it dry and damaged.

11. Avoid chemical treatments such as perming or colouring to the hair as it may become brittle or extremely dried out.

12. Eat a balanced diet. Dark green and leafy vegetables are also effective in preventing dry skin and they also help fight infection.

13. When exercising outside dress warmly and moisturize your exposed skin parts before going outside (your face and hands).

14. Wear a hat which covers ALL of your hair. This will help protect your hair from dryness. Shop around for something fashionable that fits you perfectly.

15. Faux fur is awesome. It not only keeps you warm, but the warmth reduces dryness on your skin so you stay moisturized longer.


Pinstripe Hoodies

Below is the Pinstripe Hoodie made by "Betabrand".

However it costs about $140. Overpriced for a hoodie.

Thus I highly recommend checking out other companies which sell Pinstripe Hoodies, which are very kewl, but aren't charging such ridiculous prices. You can find similar hoodies on Etsy, eBay, Amazon and if you shop around locally you can probably find them in local stores in big cities.

Hoodies are great for Spring and Autumn, make great gifts for that special guy or girl you like, and unlike some gifts which end up decorating the back of the closet, hoodies are universally liked.

Beauty Tip from Audrey Hepburn

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his / her hands through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed, never throw out anyone.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

-Audrey Hepburn


Which is Cheaper? Buying In Store or Online?

By Suzanne MacNevin.

Unless you are super young and have parents who shop online constantly, chances are likely that you were raised with the mentality of going to shopping malls, department stores and to the "main street" of your local town to buy your choice of clothing, electronics, books, movies, etc.

But now we live in an era where people can download movies and music, where the old electronic devices you really need is a SmartPhone and a laptop (so you can go online anywhere!), but clothing...

Well, clothing is more tricky.

Mostly because a lot of people like to try the clothes on before the buy them. Especially bras. You have to make sure it fits after all.

Now generally speaking it is also cheaper to buy your clothes in a store too. Just because of the shipping costs associated with buying things online.

I recall one time I ordered 2 CDs and a t-shirt from Kinnie Starr (Canadian singer/songwriter), and yes, obviously there was going to be shipping costs. However what was interesting was when it arrived I discovered to my delight a handwritten note from Kinnie Starr thanking me for my purchase. I was tickled pink!

Which got me thinking... She must have got the order, shipped it herself (maybe even licked the stamp herself), and apparently thought I was such a big fan of hers that I deserved a handwritten note.

That or she just does that for all her fans who buy stuff off her website. I dunno. (Note: In writing this post I discovered she has ditched her old website in favour of a MySpace site.)

However... let me get back to my original point...

Which is cheaper?

Well, depending on the website, you can get free shipping. Take for example, they offer free shipping for orders over $99. And their selection and prices is pretty fair: Women's blue jeans for $26.99 and Men's blue jeans for $19.98.

Note #1. A lot of online stores also do free returns, so in case it doesn't fit... just return for a refund.

Note #2: I like comparing the prices of women's clothing vs men's. I've noticed that men's jeans / socks / etc are often cheaper... and seriously, what is the difference? It still fits me anyway.

Lets take belts for example. I can get a women's belt on are $13.50 on sale. The same website, a men's belt for $5.99 on sale.

And that is the other beauty of shopping online. Sometimes the website you are shopping from has things on sale. Unlike going to a shopping mall and if you're lucky your favourite store has a sale.

So what you do is you find a number of reasonably priced websites which sell the kind of fashion you like, you measure yourself super accurately, you bookmark the websites you find, and whenever you feel like shopping for clothes you go online and browse your favourite sites for sales. Waaaaaay cheaper.

And I will tell you what else... Unlike shopping in a mall your feet don't get tired and you don't get the sudden urge for fast food when passing by the food court. And on the way home your arms don't hurt from all the shopping bags.

So yeah, convenience!

Which means you can spend more time at the gym, more time getting swimming lessons from your hunky personal trainer, more time doing yoga, or more time watching Coronation Street or Dallas. Or read a book.

So the end result is more YOU time and less time spent in stores looking for stuff and not finding what you want.

Because here is the other thing I've learned. When shopping online I never buy stuff unless I seriously want it. Whereas when shopping in stores I sometimes buy on a whim. I see a shiny object and I have extra cash in my purse... voila, new shiny object! I have drawers full of them...

Men's Underwear: MeUndies Review

By Charles Moffat

Okay so I have been trying out two pairs of men's underwear sent to me via a friend over in England. Since she doesn't wear men's underwear and knew that I write product reviews for Product Reviews Canada that I at least have experience with writing reviews (including fashion reviews).

The underwear company I am testing out is "MeUndies" from, which runs an underwear subscription service. Essentially the idea is for people to sign up and every so often they receive new underwear in the mail. It is apparently a booming business model. You find the type and colour of underwear you like, order one to see if you like it, and then once you have it you realize its a good quality product and then sign up for a subscription.


So what I have received is not 1 but 2 pairs of orange boxer briefs. So I've ditched my black Dockers (also boxer briefs) to try out the MeUndies. First impressions? They fit snugly and they're comfortable. And the bright orange is, well, bright.

On the inside label it says 92% Modal 8% Elasthane and made in Turkey. (In contrast my old Dockers are 100% Cotton and made in Thailand.)

Now to be fair... my Dockers stretched over time. Cotton is NOT Elasthane, which I am guessing is a stretchy material used in fabrics. The MeUndies in contrast are nice and stretchy and should keep its size and shape a lot longer.

And really what else do we expect from underwear? Comfort, colour, and a good fit. If underwear can't keep its shape over the long term and gets stretched out too easily then it really isn't that good. (Sorry, Dockers, it is the truth. You need to up your game with the materials you use.)

Want to learn about MeUndies? Check out their site at

In the meantime I shall have to wait and see if my girlfriend likes the orange boxer briefs. I am going to guess YES.

Kitchen Aprons = Cute

Check out all the cute and sexy aprons you can get on Etsy? Don't they just make you want to hop in the kitchen and strut like you are on a cat walk?

Of course if you're really itching to have private cooking lessons you could just make your own apron. If you browse YouTube and a variety of other websites you will find lots of great ideas for both making your own aprons... and recipes to make in your dream kitchen.

Yes, you could go out and just "buy" an apron at a local store, but something handmade and unique from someone on Etsy or making an apron yourself will have much more meaning to you. And be waaaaay cuter!

Want to get practice wearing your nice new apron? Go get yourself some cooking lessons in Toronto or whatever city you happen to live in.

After all, what is the point of wearing a cute apron if you don't know how to cook?

Side Note: What if people started wearing aprons outside in public... just for fun? Like a fashion accessory. Or would that just be silly?

Hats for men

See Also

Cowboy Hats + Fedoras


There’s that common myth which continues to surround men in fashion, and that is men in hats look stupid. That statement many guys make of “I don't suit hats” should be erased, as there’s various hat styles for men out there which suit anyone's preference. With trends like the preppy trend starting to see more involvement of mens hats such as Trilbys, various designers are also including hats into there catwalks and collections.

The season is on for you to try these out..!! Stay Fashionable!



Jodhpuris for Men

The traditional jodhpuri suit has a bit of western three piece look and it really has an elegance glance. On the jacket you will find Nehru collar. Sometimes suit worn with another suit also has Nehru collar. The best stuff of clothing for any groom to wear particularly embroidered with gold and silver.

To make your marriage memorable affairs then pick up splendid range of jodhpuris that will append a delicate look to your personality. Just go through the excellence and unparalleled creativity of the dexterous craftsmen. You will find a range of jodhpuri suits. Superb mixture of Indian taste along with western is just worth appreciating. Jodhpuri suit includes a jacket and trouser and also having stunning embroidery along with zardosi gives a royal look to the gentlemen.

Jodhpuris suit are perfect for any wedding or parties. Jodhpuri suit can be worn with necklace, vest and turbans to add a style statement to it.

Jodhpuris for Women

Making a style statement with traditional trousers and pants designed in jodhpuri look gives you a hot look for this season as it is a perfect blend of a traditional and a western look and can be draped with kurtis in chicken or zardosi.

Go gaga over this new fad this season and stay stylish..!!

Take care and Stay Fashionable..!!

SHOES for your closet...

By Bhawna Bhutad

Hello there pretty ladies....don't waste your weekend sitting at home and doing nothing as after reading this, you ought to get up from that couch and buy yourself some lovely pairs of shoes.So here's all the information you've always been looking for for the right YOU...

A kitten heel is a short,slender heel about 1.5 to 2 inches high,with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe.Sex And The City favourite Manolo Blahnik has added kitten heeled shoes to his collection,saying that his famous high stilettos have been copied so often that he was inspired to create a heel at a new,shorter height.As fashion has swung back towards a more understated aesthetic level,these low-key heels feel right once again.

They vary in length from booties or shoe boots (a shoe that skims the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.Ankle boots work with any kind of pants.If you are teaming your shoes with a skirt,look for skirts that are a couple of inches above the knee or shorter.Avoid wearing ankle boots with cropped pants or tights,mid-length skirts,pencil skirts,shorts or capris.

Also called Dolly shoes,ballet pumps or ballerina flats,they are derived from a womans soft ballet slipper,with a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all.Ballet flats took off last when Audrey Hepburn wore them with skinny jeans in the 1957 film Funny Face.Naturally,skinny jeans with a T-shirt or a tunic accompanied by ballet pumps create a stylish casual look.Ballet flats can also go with cropped pants,shorts and capris.For partying,they come in gold,bronze and silver and adorned with sequins and jewels.

Singer Jessica Simpson loves heels so much that she refuses to wear flat shoes,even when shes at home. Even a pair of jeans and a Tshirt can take on an entirely different look when a pair of heels is added.For centuries,women have used these pencil-thin,killer heels to give the optical illusion of longer legs,smaller feet and greater height,but most importantly,sex appeal.

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman recently wore flat sandles to AmFARs Cinema Against AIDS Gala and Diana Kruger wore Celine flats out to an event in Cannes.Both women proved that choosing a flat doesnt necessarily mean you look any less stylish.Supermodel Elle Macpherson once said,I used to wear heels because I wanted to show people I wasnt ashamed of being tall.But I dont wear them anymore because you dont have to wear heels to be beautiful. If youre anxious about looking frumpy,we suggest you pick up flats in funky colours and styles.

We hope the information served your purpose and interest and we would like to know your feedback on our blogs.
So do reply what you feel about this information..

Take care and Stay Fashionable!!

Skateboarder Fashion

#1. No self respecting skateboarder would wear the nonsense below:

Or High heels? Get real!

#2. Skateboarders dress for comfort, but they want to look cool doing so. See the examples below of what real skateboarders would wear.

Leather... never out of fashion!


Ever thought of having a leather piece in your wardrobe apart from boots, belts or wallets?

It’s time to have one now..! A leather jacket or a dress works great for any occasion and personifies your simple look also.

The history of leather dates back to 1900s when “Bomber jackets” were designed for aviators and military members. The purpose of the jacket was to protect fliers from extreme weather situations.

In the later half of the 20th century it caught attention and gained iconic status when the acceptance was seen from Hollywood stars

Since then it has been gaining popularity and a status of “richness” as the wearer stands out in the crowd.

The main contributors in this have been the famous rock bands like “Heavy metal” and “Punk” who gave leather an all together different meaning.

Today the use of leather is diversified and is both for men and women.

Through this article we will present you with the “in” styles of leather which can be applied by you to change your look



Canadian Supermodel Devon Owens

Do a Google Image search sometime for "Devon Owens" and you will see the new face of North American fashion. At least in our humble opinion.

Don't bother with America's Next Top Model or Canada's Next Top Model, Devon Owens IS the next top model and she's already in the industry whereas those TV wannabes would kill to be in her position.

Our synopsis of her modeling style? "The Hippie Bad Girl". Why? Because she looks so innocent and yet has a streak of naughtiness in her.

So yeah, expect to see her in a lot more advertising and magazines.



AGENT: Chantale Nadeau in Toronto.

HEIGHT: 5'10"

BUST: 32


HIPS: 34





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