Raven leather mask

FASHION - Found this one on Etsy.

Its a raven mask cut out of black leather... but I ask you, couldn't it be made out of this something other than leather? Faux leather at least. Cloth?

The designer cuts it out of 5-6 oz tanned leather, then hand shapes it while wet to fit a face. Once dry she paints it black and seals it with an acrylic finish.

Because of all the cut outs it weighs just 1½ ounces, which means it will be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Comes with an adjustable double strand of elastic.

But come on, use something other than leather. And its so easy to make anyone could make it. Even my idiotic ex could do it.

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Masta Niall said...

The only problem with having your ex do it are the precise cuts used in the making of this mask. To make it look this well done, the pattern is cut with a laser cutter to get the best detail.

Otherwise, yes, its pretty easy to make. To do it by hand just be tedious.

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