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FASHION - When it comes to the fashion and beauty industry, Rachelle White Wind is a one-woman show. The Winnipeg, Manitoba native is an actress, model, master hair stylist, makeup artist and owner of BBTO Mobile Salon, a high-end salon service in Toronto that services clients in the comfort of their own homes. White Wind, who speaks English and French, is of Ojibwe/Cree background and divides much of her time between not only these various disciplines but between locales Toronto, Winnipeg and L.A.

On an unusually rainy January day in Toronto, Rachelle and the BBTO Mobile Salon are on call at a condo in the Distillery District. It’s 11 A.M. and she’s all set for her first two clients of the day—two businessmen who live in the building. When the owner of the apartment (who was going to be meeting the seventh richest man in the world that same evening) told Rob Campbell (who was making a presentation on search and social rank in the Distillery that same evening) that he was expecting a house call from Rachelle, Rob wanted in.

Is there anything that boosts confidence as much as a nice, clean haircut can? And is there anything more convenient than staying in out of the January rain while a stylist like Rachelle comes to you? It’s the unfailing combination of customization, comfort, convenience and customer satisfaction that has made BBTO such a runaway success for Rachelle White Wind.

Starting in show business at age 7, Rachelle knows a thing or two about helping others to look their very best. And, although her services are regularly in demand for CBC Television, fashion shows and high-profile weddings, the prices of the BBTO Mobile Salon are highly competitive, starting at $20 for men’s haircuts, $40 for women’s haircuts, $55 for coloring and $150 - $250 for a Brazilian Blowout.

Rachelle’s Brazilian Blowout prices are the best in Toronto and she has the distinction of being the only mobile technician of this highly popular treatment in the city.

Brazilian Blowouts may take 90 minutes to execute, but Rob Campbell’s fresh new look was achieved in under 20. He didn’t have a haircut in mind, and so put his trust in Rachelle to make him look good for his event before she was out the door on her way to the next appointment. As a stylist, Rachelle has come a long way since her days in a Winnipeg hair school; her schedule is booked and her reputation on the rise. On the acting front, you can catch Rachelle as Vicki in the pilot episode of Mohawk Girls, airing on APTN Feb. 6, 2012, at 9 P.M.

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Great blog and thanks for doing one for my business and on myself (Brazilian Blowout Toronto) I should note that I wasn't expecting to be interviewed nor have pictures taken of myself,normally I dress up and wear makeup but it was a last minute 911 hair emergency lol
thx Christine and @smojoe

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