Carpet Fashion? Not bad!

FASHION - Home decor never looked so haute.

Home décor company Korhani has turned its decorative carpets into haute couture at Toronto's Fashion Week Monday this week. The manufacturer based in Toronto and creative director Kirsten Korhani repurposed its rugs for the runway, showing off Mongolian rug inspired capes, studded pants and regal looking gowns all using a rug as a central part of the design.

This is actually the third time the company has pulled this publicity stunt, but it is still eye-catching.

“We’re trying to evolve, make it better, make it more interesting,” says Kirsten Korhani. “We have to step it up every season.” Korhani says the new collection has a wider selection of garments with “more diversification” in style and construction.

In the past Korhani’s off-beat shows have raised the company’s profile, so it just proves fashion can also be good publicity. And since their designs keep improving and getting attention it proves people don't get bored of it either.

The shows have increased Korhani’s sales and revenue “by big numbers,” owner Moji Korhani said after the show this past Monday night and they are now planning to expand into the USA and Europe.

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