Business Casual on a Budget

Need to buy clothes for work but don't want to break your wallet? Here is 12 ways to get clothes suitable for work without spending a lot.

#1. Talk to friends and family members and see if they have any conservative / business casual clothing that is suitable for work that they don't need any more.

#2. Trade clothes with friends, roommates, etc.

#3. Thrift stores rock! Just look for things that are conservative and clean.

When in doubt SMELL the fabric and your nose will give you an idea of how clean it is and whether you can wear that to work and still hold your head up high.

#4. Salvation Army

#5. Craigslist, but be careful.

#6. Set a budget for how much you want to spend.

#7. Determine what bits of clothing you already have and don't need more of. ie. You probably don't need more shoes, even though you think you do.

#8. Divide up your budget and allocate so much for specific items and then find items that are suitable that are under the allocated amount. DO NOT GO OVER IT.


#10. When your shopping is done and there is moolah left over put it in a jar for the next time you need to go buy clothing for work. Repeat the same process as before.

#11. Remember you can combine various clothing items to make a new look. That way you don't look like you wearing the same thing all the time.

#12. Have fun with your accessories. Like #11 above you can create a whole new look when different things are used in combination.

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