Pop Art Prints clothing from the 1960s

I like 1960s Pop Art and Andy Warhol as much as the next person, but there are certain limits to taste and decency that even I won't stoop to.

A full bodysuit of Andy Warhol's classic faces of Marilyn Monroe may seem like a great idea when you're high on caffeine (and whatever you've been smoking), but chances are likely in 3 months you will regret that decision and never wear it again.

And worse when you're older your teenagers might find it in your closet and wear it, making a complete mockery of you...

Yes the quality of some prints are exceptional, but on a full bodysuit its overdoing it. Get a shirt instead. Maybe a jacket. Don't go for the fully monty.

And while you're at it ask yourself what Marilyn Monroe, remembered for her beauty, elegance, sensuality and unfortunately also for her tragic death... ask yourself what would Marilyn Monroe wear?

Certainly not something like that god-awful thing.

Anorexia and Bulimia: What are they?

Anorexia and Bulimia are two eating disorders frequently visited upon fashion models and people aspiring to look like fashion models.

No doubt you've heard of people who have died or suffered heart attacks due to anorexia or bulimia. Their tiny malnourished heart goes into a cardiac arrest and even if they live they often have permanent damage to their heart.

This is a serious topic and I know you are just dying to go back to reading our regular fashion tips and rants about so-called "business casual", but just follow along a bit longer.

With this blog post we want to get into what Anorexia and Bulimia actually are, just so we can dispel some of the myths and misinformation.

Anorexia literally means "without appetite", but in reality the discomfort caused by this disease is something much more serious, something that goes beyond a simple lack of appetite, as it can cause a revulsion obsessive about food. Rather like a phobia.

In many cases Anorexia produces a state of malnutrition that will eventually lead to death if not treated. Anorexia may result from metabolic changes produced by mental diseases of various kinds, can also manifest in the form of neurosis, and in this case we speak of "anorexia nervousness", also known as "anorexia nervosa".

Today Anorexia occurs mainly in younger women (12 to 55 years), mostly in unmarried girls who develop a fear of fat.

Long ago Anorexia was seen as a disease caused by depression, or as something that came from a behavioral disorder linked to food intake. This is certainly true, but it is now also understood that Anorexia is a real mental disease and it has to be cured with very complex therapies involving psychologists, dietitians, neurologists and even the help of family members and friends.

The disease generally develops from a distorted image of their body that is perceived as inadequate and in constant conditions of overweight. They 'see' fat even when there isn't any fat there.

Anorexia is not easy to prevent as there are many causes that can trigger it, including genetic predisposition or parental conditioning. (ie. a parent keeps telling them not to eat so much or they'll get fat)

Anorexia starts typically with a slimming diet urged on by a problem, maybe real or imaginary, to deal with the feeling of being overweight.

This first attempt to lose weight is then followed by a real obsession with weight control and a fear of obesity, even when it is evident that the victim is progressively starving themselves.

People who suffer from anorexia are never satisfied with their physical appearance, never reach the desired shape and despite all the sacrifices and deprivations, the end result is always the same: disappointment, dissatisfaction and escalating depression.

Bulimia: Literally means "ox hunger".

Bulimia is a pathology which leads to binge eating, the uncontrollable need to ingest large quantities of food, and is then followed by the need to neutralize through behavior directed at preventing weight gain.

There are two commons ways neutralization can manifest itself:

#1. Eating and then obsessive exercise, perhaps even exercise addiction, to immediately shed the extra calories. Exercise addiction is a bit like heroin addiction because it releases a cocktail of chemicals into the body which is highly addictive.

#2. Eating and then "purging" via self-induced vomiting. Purging is the more dangerous of these two.

Binge eating causes feelings of great guilt and therefore the great need to get rid of the food as soon as possible. Purging / self-induced vomiting is seen as the fastest way to remove everything that was ingested as is the frequent use of enemas.

Bulimia first appeared in the late nineteenth century in the form of neurosis, and was often associated with cases of anorexia nervosa. Unlike anorexia which is easily recognizable Bulimia can often go unnoticed as the outward appearance of people do not show obvious changes in weight, because a sufficient amount of food ingested is assimilated by the body anyway during their normal eating habits. How frequently they purge however makes a huge difference.

An early warning sign of Bulimia is bad teeth because of the stomach acid wearing down on the teeth enamel during vomiting.

The factors that contribute to the occurrence of Bulimia are nearly identical to the causes of anorexia: the obsessive concern of weight gain associated with a distorted perception of their physical appearance. Anorexia and Bulimia can sometimes be observed in the same person.

Hopefully by reading this more people will recognize the best way to be thin and attractive is through BALANCED exercise and appetite. Do yoga, go cycling regularly, eat your veggies and live a balanced lifestyle.

Because if you're not balanced then you are heading to one extreme over the other. Being too thin or too fat will kill you, but being a healthy balanced individual with a degree of self-control will make you happier and give you a longer life.

Manly Men: A Lesson in How to Look Masculine

This blog doesn't talk much about male fashion (and lets face it, not many men talk about fashion either).

But starting today I am going to be making a deliberate effort to write more male fashion posts.

The thing about fashion for men is that men want to look a very specific way: MANLY.

That means no frilly shirts, no pink and definitely nothing that makes them look wimpy or effeminate.

Lesson #1. Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin (if you're in North America you've probably never heard of him) is an athlete. One of the world's top soccer players. He is VERY manly. Tattoos et al.

But he is also a male fashion aficionado and has a very good grasp of how to dress manly. Men's fashion would be so much better if more men dressed like Paul Galvin.

What he does is:

A) Wear clothes that fits him. No too baggy shirts for him. Not too tight either. Just tight enough to show off his muscles.

B) Wears clothing that looks good regardless of whether he is hanging out at a bar with friends or planning to go all 007 on a speedboat with terrorists.

C) Wears clothes that is both clean and well made. Nobody will accuse him of dressing like a slob.

Once you grasp the simple ABC principles you are on the way to making your manly wardrobe look good.

Lesson #2. Kevin Smith

This is really more a lesson of what not to do.

Kevin Smith's problem is really an issue of self-confidence, binge eating and trying to cover up his fatty bits.

What happened was many years ago someone made fun of Kevin Smith's weight when he had his shirt off and it traumatized him so much he basically decided he was never going to take his shirt off in front of someone again. (According to Kevin Smith his wife has never even seen him with his shirt off.)

Its more than merely not taking his shirt off he also deliberately wears clothing that is too big for him because he wants to hide his bulk (but in reality I would argue it just makes him look bigger).

Another problem Kevin Smith has is that he dresses too casually. His choice of clothing is almost always slovenly. On rare occasions he does wear a black suit and tie, and that is when he looks his best.

So my advice for men who are overweight? Start thinking BLACK SUITS more often. Yes, it takes more effort for you to get dressed, but the suit does 2 things:

A) All men look better in uniform, regardless of your size.

B) Black is slimming.

If you start wearing black suits more often it will boost your confidence levels, which means less binge eating when you're depressed, which means you will either lose weight or maintain your weight.

Lesson #3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nobody will ever accuse Arnold Schwarzenegger of being unmanly. The guy could wear a pink tutu and people would still say his muscles more than make up for the pink.

So how do you achieve this?

A) Daily Exercise, a mixture of cardio and weightlifting. I recommend alternating between the two so the different muscle groups have time to repair. Remember you only achieve muscle bulk by RIPPING muscles. Hence the term "ripped".

B) Healthy Diet, again a matter of constant balance. You want to balance your intake of various foods and cut back on sugar, fat and carbs. Vegetables, meat and milk = good. Skip bread entirely and avoid anything where the 1st or 2nd most common ingredient is glucose/fructose.

After all, you don't think Arnold got so big by eating Twinkies did you? Sugar won't make you muscular, but it will make you fat.

The lesson you must learn from Arnold is that exercise is a lifelong commitment, no matter how old you get or what career you enter.

And having a fit body gives you a fashion advantage and more options.

Top 10 Common Fashion Mistakes

Your sense of fashion and taste includes everything that is in your appearance, not just how well you put your makeup on and style your hair, and not just how expensive is your bag, but also how well you put all these things together... and it will include things you may not have thought of: Like your glasses shape and colour, whether your 1950s hair style matches your 1980s clothes, and all sorts of little mistakes.

Sometimes a tiny flaw can ruin the carefully concocted look you were trying to create. Here is a handy list of common mistakes you can avoid so you won’t let that happen to you again.

When in doubt just avoid wearing anything Courtney Love would wear.

Fashion Mistake #1. Skirt too skimpy.

The skirt should not rise up to mid-thigh when you sit down (unless you like looking slutty or play tennis). If you have to pull it down constantly then maybe it is too short or too tight. Make it a rule of thumb to keep the skirt for daytime attires maximum 1 inch above the knee.

Fashion Mistake #2. Silly, not cute.

Avoid frilly blouses unless you're going to an art gallery or ballet recital. It’s a popular belief that a frilly blouse will make you look feminine and romantic; instead it makes you look unprofessional and frivolous. Choose a blouse in ivory or white – it goes well with everything.

Fashion Mistake #3. Bare legs in winter.

Leave it to chic New Yorkers in "Sex and The City" to show off bare legs when it’s about to snow. Sheer tights will look stylish and keep your assets warm and healthy. Splurge on Wolford tights for a special occasion.

Fashion Mistake #4. Too many accessories.

Keep accessories to a minimum and avoid anything too clunky.

Button or hoop earrings are acceptable for a daytime look. For an evening, make one piece, e.g. chandelier earrings or embellished purse, a key element and keep the rest of accessories neutral. Hang on to simplicity with your watch: no cartoon characters or day-glo details are appropriate, unless it’s a Swatch.

Fashion Mistake #5. Neon, not neutral makeup.

Be clean and look polished. Make-up is a must in professional world, even if you never wear it. Blusher, mascara and clear powder are minimum. Use the foundation to conceal blemishes. The no-makeup look is fine for college, not for grown-up life. Avoid bright shimmery glosses or eye shadows unless you go out.

Fashion Mistake #6. Showing too much skin.

Especially between the low-rise jeans and top. If you absolutely need to show a bit of your belly make sure it’s tan, slender and has a cute little six-pack of muscle showing. No love handles please!

Fashion Mistake #7. Showing dark roots.

Be honest to yourself: you are no Carrie Bradshaw (who looks like a skinny horse) to look chic with black roots and blonde tips; besides, there was a team of hi-end stylists working on the set of "Sex and The City" for hours to make those outgrown roots look appropriate. In real life, dark roots send a clear signal that you are either out of money or out of style.

Fashion Mistake #8. Revealing plain white (or black) bra straps and thongs

Some underwear just looks better inside. No matter how expensive your plain white sports bra is, keep it concealed. Unless, of course, it’s $150 pink Lejaby bra with straps of Belgian lace or bejeweled triangle at the crossing of the thong. Same applies to transparency level of your clothes: wear white or nude bra with white shirts and black/colored bras with black ones, and not vice versa.

Fashion Mistake #9. Wearing trousers or shorts that are too short.

Same problem with too short skirts.

It makes sense to have several pairs of jeans and pants of different length, ones for low heels and ones for higher heels. Wearing too long jeans with casual flat shoes or Uggs result in stained and worn-out hems, and that’s another huge no-no!

Fashion Mistake #10. Looking too casual.

The inventors of Ugg boots could never imagine that the comfiness and anti-stylishness of these lovely creations will inspire millions of girls to wear them with out-of-shape stained track pants, over-sized sweatshirts and messy ponytails. Uggs and ugg-alikes stand out much better if worn with pristine designer jeans, and track pants are just meant to be worn with equally chic running shoes. If you slouch up your fashion style too much then you’ll look plain ridiculous.

How to Dress like a Pitbull, er, I mean Sarah Palin

What is the difference between Sarah Palin and a pitbull?

Pitbulls are loyal pets and look good in fur. Sarah Palin doesn't look good in anything.

Sorry, my attempt at humour.

Since this is an election year I thought we might take a 2nd look at Sarah Palin, the wannabe who wants to be Mitt Romney's running mate in the 2012 election (she fudged it up for John McCain in 2008 and practically handed Barack Obama the White House on a silver platter... although in all seriousness Obama probably would have won anyway regardless of Sarah Palin's mistakes)...

Sarah Palin has been harassing Mitt Romney to pick her to be his new vice presidential running mate. But its a bit like being picked last for a game of softball... Sarah Palin is largely blamed for the Republican defeat in 2008. Getting picked a 2nd time when she was a huge liability last time is extremely unlikely.

But that doesn't mean we can't make fun of her fashion crimes (for which she should be indicted and shipped back to Alaska to spend a few years in a frozen prison with other women with the personalities of pitbulls.

In 2008 Sarah Palin spent over $150,000 (of Republican Party funds) on fashion, shoes and hats for her vice presidential election bid. But she still looked horrible.

For the past 4 years however Sarah Palin has been hosting TV and radio shows (thank god you can't see her on the radio and only have to listen to her annoying voice) and her fashion tastes have changed ever so slightly.

I have tried to focus on finding images here which are more recent (from the 2009 to 2012 period).


#1. Don't rub your face with cooking oil.

#2. Don't wear a haircut from the 1980s, especially when appearing on Canadian television.

#3. Don't get highlights in your hair to make yourself look younger (because in politics looking too young is a bad thing).

#4. When you go fishing don't wear a bandanna AND a hat at the same time.

#5. When pretending to walk remember to swing your arms a bit and look at the camera. Seriously, Catwalk Models 101. Don't just hold your arms at your sides and pretend to be in motion.

#6. When hanging out with cowboys don't let people take your photo when you're next to a cowboy who can't shave properly and has a camouflage on the bottom of their cowboy hat (whatever moron thought that was a good idea should be shot).

#7. Avoid wearing too many buttons on the same suit jacket. It looks like lopsided nipples.

The Return of Cycling Chic

You may recall a post I did in 2009 entitled "Cycling Chic". Well its back baby! Here is more great ways to cycle and be fashionable while doing it (because wearing spandex tights is a fashion crime unless you do ballet).

The thing about cycling fashion is you want something which is comfortable, warm and snug, and preferably layers so if you are too hot you can take a bit off.

Shown here is 15 images I've collected which I feel exemplifies what you can do with cycling chic. Let your imagination pull you towards the fashion statement you feel best describes YOU.

Long Flowing Dresses

Maybe its all the fuss about the tv show "Game of Thrones", but I've encountered more than one person looking for "long flowing dresses" that look like they belong in a fantasy movie.

If you are looking for long flowing dresses (for fantasy cosplay or other reasons) for Spring or Summer then one of the websites I strongly recommend is ETSY. Handmade is always best.

Or maybe you just like retro clothing. In which case I strongly recommend you check out: Classic Gowns and Dresses

Or maybe you are just bored of little black dresses.

Whatever your reason there are lots of places out there to go shopping for find long flowing dresses. Zalando.co.uk for example has quite a collection of 250 dresses to choose from if you live in the UK and want to find a dress that is locally made. There are similar websites out there, but very few will have such a quality and broad selection.

Or you could make your own dress... not necessarily using old t-shirts, but a trip to your local fabric store might give you ideas.

The advantage of long flowing dresses is that they are very comfortable to wear and come with less draft in your nether regions and unlike mini skirts have less chance of people catching a glimpse of your nether regions.

Furthermore a long flowing dress is versatile for both formal and informal occasions. Works just as well for a friend's wedding as for a picnic with your favourite boytoy.

(And for the more nerdy women out there, long flowing dresses are also very useful for cosplay and LARPing, but that is another topic for another day...)

I recommend people focus on purchasing dresses which are easy to clean. Or if you do buy something that stains easily (ie. silk or satin) then here is a hot tip: SCOTCHGARD for Fabric. Its true they make the stuff for furniture, but they also make the stuff for clothing fabric too. Meh, accidents happen, so it makes sense to protect your really expensive dresses.

Hairstylist legend Vidal Sassoon is dead

Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon died on May 9th 2012 at his home in Hollywood. He was 84. It is reported he died of natural causes and was surrounded by his family.

You may only know his name due to the line of hair products named after him, but what you may not have known is that the British-born hairdresser is credited for ushering in the 1960s era of easy-to-maintain wash and wear haircuts. He got women to retire hot rollers and hair-sprayed hair, and created more simple, geometric styles like his signature cut "the five point bob" which is still popular even today.

The legendary hairstylist is also credited for Mia Farrow's famous pixie cut for the 1968 movie "Rosemary’s Baby".

Sassoon credited his mother for pushing him to become a hairdresser. “I thought I’d be a soccer player but my mother said I should be a hairdresser, and, as often happens, the mother got her way,” he said in 2007.

Sassoon was one of very few and one of the first hairdressers to gain celebrity status by having salons and hair products bearing his name. His advertising tag line for the brand was: “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Sassoon eventually retired from the hair business in the 1980s to become a philanthropist. A 2012 documentary film, Vidal Sassoon the Movie, documented his story.

He was married four times, had four children and was an avid soccer fan.

Retro Swimwear

There are lots of retro swimsuits and bikinis available now. Below are some of my favourites. I may post more in the future if people like them and leave comments asking for more.

Vintage Giorgio Armani Round Blue Mirror Sunglasses

What you are looking at here are the kewling, rarest and most desired pair of sunglasses ever made by the Giorgio Armani fashion house.

You can however find fakes for about $15 to $20. I had a fake pair years ago but someone stole them. (See what I mean? Sunglasses worth stealing so much that people are even stealing fake copies!)

They are beyond kewl. When I first got my pair years ago I was still in high school. I took them to school and EVERYONE loved them. Students and teachers were wanting to try them on and EVERYONE looked freaking kewl wearing them. Like a movie star.

Now you might ask, why is there so many fake copies of the Vintage Giorgio Armani Round Blue Mirror Sunglasses (also known as Vintage Giorgio Armani 117 707)?

Two Reasons!
#1. They are the kewlest sunglasses you can ever own.

#2. A real pair will cost you $425.

So... no wonder people are making cheap knock offs. And no wonder why I am looking for a good quality cheap knock off. (When buying a knock off you want to buy one that won't break immediately and still protects your eyes from the sun. Its worth paying a little extra to get a copy that is well made.)

Thus it is no surprise that the Vintage Giorgio Armani 117 707 sunglasses are considered to be the single rarest and most desirable pair of sunglasses ever produced by the famous Giorgio Armani fashion house. Yes, you can find more expensive sunglasses made of gold, platinum, diamonds on them, with brand names like Gucci and what not... but Gucci glasses are ugly and unkewl in comparison.

And frankly if you can wear something better for $425 (or a cheap copy) why would you buy a crappy Gucci pair that costs roughly the same amount?

Frankly I'd rather have a copy of something that looks GOOD.

The sunglasses in question come with round blue mirror lenses (because blue mirror is basically the kewlest thing you can put on a lens) and tortoise shell ear stems for comfort. The round lens Armani styles have always been extremely popular, but Armani produced very few mirrored lenses over the years and none of them was more eye catching than these fabulous blue mirror mineral glass lenses.

The classic shape of the front frame is complemented by the equally desirable tortoise shell ear stems, with brushed silver hinges and nose bridge and the blue mirror lenses. The unisex Armani 117 frame fits almost all adults (unless you have a giant or tiny head).

Original Giorgio Armani sunglasses will have the logo embossed on the exterior of both tortoise shell ear stems and the inside of one stem is marked Giorgio Armani Made Italy, while the inside of the other stem is marked 117 S 707 140 and the rear of the nose bridge has 48 23 impressed in the metal.

Finding a pair of Giorgio Armani 177 707 blue mirror sunglasses in mint, unworn condition is extremely rare... because they also don't make them any more (which also explains why they are $425 for a pair).

So really you have no choice but to buy the cheaper copies off eBay for $15 to $20 and pay extra for the shipping... or try to find a cheap copy locally in a store.

I did find a really cheap copy at http://www.hippieshop.com/cgi-bin/gold/item/10781 but shipping internationally rates are a rip off so I want to find a place locally that has better quality because I am dubious about buying a pair of sunglasses online without actually seeing them in person (its one of the reasons I prefer speed dating over online personals).


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