How to Dress like a Pitbull, er, I mean Sarah Palin

What is the difference between Sarah Palin and a pitbull?

Pitbulls are loyal pets and look good in fur. Sarah Palin doesn't look good in anything.

Sorry, my attempt at humour.

Since this is an election year I thought we might take a 2nd look at Sarah Palin, the wannabe who wants to be Mitt Romney's running mate in the 2012 election (she fudged it up for John McCain in 2008 and practically handed Barack Obama the White House on a silver platter... although in all seriousness Obama probably would have won anyway regardless of Sarah Palin's mistakes)...

Sarah Palin has been harassing Mitt Romney to pick her to be his new vice presidential running mate. But its a bit like being picked last for a game of softball... Sarah Palin is largely blamed for the Republican defeat in 2008. Getting picked a 2nd time when she was a huge liability last time is extremely unlikely.

But that doesn't mean we can't make fun of her fashion crimes (for which she should be indicted and shipped back to Alaska to spend a few years in a frozen prison with other women with the personalities of pitbulls.

In 2008 Sarah Palin spent over $150,000 (of Republican Party funds) on fashion, shoes and hats for her vice presidential election bid. But she still looked horrible.

For the past 4 years however Sarah Palin has been hosting TV and radio shows (thank god you can't see her on the radio and only have to listen to her annoying voice) and her fashion tastes have changed ever so slightly.

I have tried to focus on finding images here which are more recent (from the 2009 to 2012 period).


#1. Don't rub your face with cooking oil.

#2. Don't wear a haircut from the 1980s, especially when appearing on Canadian television.

#3. Don't get highlights in your hair to make yourself look younger (because in politics looking too young is a bad thing).

#4. When you go fishing don't wear a bandanna AND a hat at the same time.

#5. When pretending to walk remember to swing your arms a bit and look at the camera. Seriously, Catwalk Models 101. Don't just hold your arms at your sides and pretend to be in motion.

#6. When hanging out with cowboys don't let people take your photo when you're next to a cowboy who can't shave properly and has a camouflage on the bottom of their cowboy hat (whatever moron thought that was a good idea should be shot).

#7. Avoid wearing too many buttons on the same suit jacket. It looks like lopsided nipples.

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