Pop Art Prints clothing from the 1960s

I like 1960s Pop Art and Andy Warhol as much as the next person, but there are certain limits to taste and decency that even I won't stoop to.

A full bodysuit of Andy Warhol's classic faces of Marilyn Monroe may seem like a great idea when you're high on caffeine (and whatever you've been smoking), but chances are likely in 3 months you will regret that decision and never wear it again.

And worse when you're older your teenagers might find it in your closet and wear it, making a complete mockery of you...

Yes the quality of some prints are exceptional, but on a full bodysuit its overdoing it. Get a shirt instead. Maybe a jacket. Don't go for the fully monty.

And while you're at it ask yourself what Marilyn Monroe, remembered for her beauty, elegance, sensuality and unfortunately also for her tragic death... ask yourself what would Marilyn Monroe wear?

Certainly not something like that god-awful thing.

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