Vintage Giorgio Armani Round Blue Mirror Sunglasses

What you are looking at here are the kewling, rarest and most desired pair of sunglasses ever made by the Giorgio Armani fashion house.

You can however find fakes for about $15 to $20. I had a fake pair years ago but someone stole them. (See what I mean? Sunglasses worth stealing so much that people are even stealing fake copies!)

They are beyond kewl. When I first got my pair years ago I was still in high school. I took them to school and EVERYONE loved them. Students and teachers were wanting to try them on and EVERYONE looked freaking kewl wearing them. Like a movie star.

Now you might ask, why is there so many fake copies of the Vintage Giorgio Armani Round Blue Mirror Sunglasses (also known as Vintage Giorgio Armani 117 707)?

Two Reasons!
#1. They are the kewlest sunglasses you can ever own.

#2. A real pair will cost you $425.

So... no wonder people are making cheap knock offs. And no wonder why I am looking for a good quality cheap knock off. (When buying a knock off you want to buy one that won't break immediately and still protects your eyes from the sun. Its worth paying a little extra to get a copy that is well made.)

Thus it is no surprise that the Vintage Giorgio Armani 117 707 sunglasses are considered to be the single rarest and most desirable pair of sunglasses ever produced by the famous Giorgio Armani fashion house. Yes, you can find more expensive sunglasses made of gold, platinum, diamonds on them, with brand names like Gucci and what not... but Gucci glasses are ugly and unkewl in comparison.

And frankly if you can wear something better for $425 (or a cheap copy) why would you buy a crappy Gucci pair that costs roughly the same amount?

Frankly I'd rather have a copy of something that looks GOOD.

The sunglasses in question come with round blue mirror lenses (because blue mirror is basically the kewlest thing you can put on a lens) and tortoise shell ear stems for comfort. The round lens Armani styles have always been extremely popular, but Armani produced very few mirrored lenses over the years and none of them was more eye catching than these fabulous blue mirror mineral glass lenses.

The classic shape of the front frame is complemented by the equally desirable tortoise shell ear stems, with brushed silver hinges and nose bridge and the blue mirror lenses. The unisex Armani 117 frame fits almost all adults (unless you have a giant or tiny head).

Original Giorgio Armani sunglasses will have the logo embossed on the exterior of both tortoise shell ear stems and the inside of one stem is marked Giorgio Armani Made Italy, while the inside of the other stem is marked 117 S 707 140 and the rear of the nose bridge has 48 23 impressed in the metal.

Finding a pair of Giorgio Armani 177 707 blue mirror sunglasses in mint, unworn condition is extremely rare... because they also don't make them any more (which also explains why they are $425 for a pair).

So really you have no choice but to buy the cheaper copies off eBay for $15 to $20 and pay extra for the shipping... or try to find a cheap copy locally in a store.

I did find a really cheap copy at but shipping internationally rates are a rip off so I want to find a place locally that has better quality because I am dubious about buying a pair of sunglasses online without actually seeing them in person (its one of the reasons I prefer speed dating over online personals).


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