GOWNS for summer season!

By Bhawna Bhutad

When "elegance" and "style" are combined together by a designer, it gives existence to the most sensuous piece of clothing ever created, which is gowns!
They are meant for every occasions and for all types of body structures.

The summer is on and the trend of minis to micros to hot pants to bikini is at its peak.But when you plan for a holiday on a beach side in that Miami sun, you even feel the need to keep something elegant in your closet for that special summer evening with that special someone.And to make your evening more romantic and comfortable, a gown can do wonders., without stuffing you too much.

I present some of the designs which are comfortable to wear and at the same time easy to carry.

If you have a physique to die for, and reflect a personality of being bold and romantic, this piece of gown is perfect for you to accentuate your curves and grab eyeballs...

Made from "sheer" fabric, and decorated with the black lines of satin it gives a silhoutte a chic look without blinging it up too much.

The second gown is for the elegant females who are liberated and free spirited.It signifies the pristine beauty who likes to add a soft touch to their looks

Made from chiffon material, it has the flow and is beautiful. The effect of fur gives more meaning to the overall look.

Finally coming to my last creation , this gown truly reflects the season by showing all the colors of a dawn or a dusk, highlighting the true spirit of summer.A sun kissed skin is a perfect choice for this kind of gown as it adds a glow and divinity to the overall look.

So ladies, take over this summer, with the special gowns and let the world know a true fashionista in you..!!

Take Care and Stay Fashionable!

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