Leather... never out of fashion!


Ever thought of having a leather piece in your wardrobe apart from boots, belts or wallets?

It’s time to have one now..! A leather jacket or a dress works great for any occasion and personifies your simple look also.

The history of leather dates back to 1900s when “Bomber jackets” were designed for aviators and military members. The purpose of the jacket was to protect fliers from extreme weather situations.

In the later half of the 20th century it caught attention and gained iconic status when the acceptance was seen from Hollywood stars

Since then it has been gaining popularity and a status of “richness” as the wearer stands out in the crowd.

The main contributors in this have been the famous rock bands like “Heavy metal” and “Punk” who gave leather an all together different meaning.

Today the use of leather is diversified and is both for men and women.

Through this article we will present you with the “in” styles of leather which can be applied by you to change your look



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