Summer Time Hippies

"The best way to dress LIKE a hippie is to just plain BE a hippie."

There is no point in me teaching how to dress like a hippie. It either comes to you naturally or you end up looking like a fake.

And if your goal is to be a hippie then you should want to do the following:

#1. Take life they way it leads you and just go with the flow.

#2. Protest against injustice and cruelty.

#3. Let your heart be free to love whomever it wants to love.

#4. Make love like there is no tomorrow. (Seriously, you could get hit by a truck and bleed to death today.)

#5. Dress casually and comfortably, while simultaneously looking freaking awesome.

#6. Make a list of evil doers, go to their houses and then toilet paper their yards. Cause hippies follow the non-violent approach.

#7. Make a blog extolling the virtues of community living (aka communes).

#8. Start a neighbourhood garden.

#9. Experiment by wearing your mother's or grandmother's clothing from the 1960s - 1970s.

#10. Swim baby, swim!

Oh to be young, beautiful and free...

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