Men's Underwear: MeUndies Review

By Charles Moffat

Okay so I have been trying out two pairs of men's underwear sent to me via a friend over in England. Since she doesn't wear men's underwear and knew that I write product reviews for Product Reviews Canada that I at least have experience with writing reviews (including fashion reviews).

The underwear company I am testing out is "MeUndies" from, which runs an underwear subscription service. Essentially the idea is for people to sign up and every so often they receive new underwear in the mail. It is apparently a booming business model. You find the type and colour of underwear you like, order one to see if you like it, and then once you have it you realize its a good quality product and then sign up for a subscription.


So what I have received is not 1 but 2 pairs of orange boxer briefs. So I've ditched my black Dockers (also boxer briefs) to try out the MeUndies. First impressions? They fit snugly and they're comfortable. And the bright orange is, well, bright.

On the inside label it says 92% Modal 8% Elasthane and made in Turkey. (In contrast my old Dockers are 100% Cotton and made in Thailand.)

Now to be fair... my Dockers stretched over time. Cotton is NOT Elasthane, which I am guessing is a stretchy material used in fabrics. The MeUndies in contrast are nice and stretchy and should keep its size and shape a lot longer.

And really what else do we expect from underwear? Comfort, colour, and a good fit. If underwear can't keep its shape over the long term and gets stretched out too easily then it really isn't that good. (Sorry, Dockers, it is the truth. You need to up your game with the materials you use.)

Want to learn about MeUndies? Check out their site at

In the meantime I shall have to wait and see if my girlfriend likes the orange boxer briefs. I am going to guess YES.

Kitchen Aprons = Cute

Check out all the cute and sexy aprons you can get on Etsy? Don't they just make you want to hop in the kitchen and strut like you are on a cat walk?

Of course if you're really itching to have private cooking lessons you could just make your own apron. If you browse YouTube and a variety of other websites you will find lots of great ideas for both making your own aprons... and recipes to make in your dream kitchen.

Yes, you could go out and just "buy" an apron at a local store, but something handmade and unique from someone on Etsy or making an apron yourself will have much more meaning to you. And be waaaaay cuter!

Want to get practice wearing your nice new apron? Go get yourself some cooking lessons in Toronto or whatever city you happen to live in.

After all, what is the point of wearing a cute apron if you don't know how to cook?

Side Note: What if people started wearing aprons outside in public... just for fun? Like a fashion accessory. Or would that just be silly?

Hats for men

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Cowboy Hats + Fedoras


There’s that common myth which continues to surround men in fashion, and that is men in hats look stupid. That statement many guys make of “I don't suit hats” should be erased, as there’s various hat styles for men out there which suit anyone's preference. With trends like the preppy trend starting to see more involvement of mens hats such as Trilbys, various designers are also including hats into there catwalks and collections.

The season is on for you to try these out..!! Stay Fashionable!

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