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There’s that common myth which continues to surround men in fashion, and that is men in hats look stupid. That statement many guys make of “I don't suit hats” should be erased, as there’s various hat styles for men out there which suit anyone's preference. With trends like the preppy trend starting to see more involvement of mens hats such as Trilbys, various designers are also including hats into there catwalks and collections.

The season is on for you to try these out..!! Stay Fashionable!


Emil Busk said...

well i want 2 buy a hat, but dont know where, can you help me maybe?

please answer on emilbusk@jubii.dk
subject @hat

Emil Busk said...

i want to buy a hat, but dont know where to, but tailors... thats expensive, can you please help?

please reply at my email emilbusk@jubii.dk
subject: @hat

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