Hair Pieces for Women, Trying New Hair Styles

Sometimes it is nice to mix things up in a whole new way for hair styles, which is what makes ideas like hairpieces for women at so great. Whether you are simply looking to add some pizzazz to your own style or if you are undergoing treatments that are changing the texture and thickness of your own hair, try something new in an attractive and true-to-life hairpiece.

What once was a system designed specifically for men, women can now enjoy the versatility of finding an exciting new hair system, just for you. Dazzle the world when you choose a unique hair system, natural wig or hair piece, especially designed for you and your hair's specifications and needs.

With 16 uniquely created designs, you will find something that sparks your interest, knowing it will look gorgeous on you as you prepare to dazzle the world with your beaming smile and streaming hair. You will find salon-quality hair systems that will transform your appearance and give you a whole new shot of vibrant confidence.

Whether you need a system that starts at the top of your head or you want to integrate hair into your natural hair, you can try any and all of your choices to see what works best for you. If you want to customize your hair system, you can simply send your head measurements and all the specifications you have in mind, and the team of designers can start working on your own masterpiece. Sometimes it is even easier if you can send in a template from which the team can work to create your hairpiece.

Try the French Lace Systems or the French Lace Partial Frontals for something completely different. If you aren't sure about these products, some companies are happy to send out one for you to sample before you commit to a purchase.

Finding a company that commits itself to quality, innovation and using what it learns from various types of research will help you find the best hair system for you, so you can look as natural as you are beautiful with your new hairpiece.

When you know what you want, as well as how to ask for it, you will find a high-quality hair system at an affordable price. Your new hair system will last you for many years to come, as long as you take good and gentle care of it.

New Fragrances Vs Vintage Fragrances

Women might say that men are resistant to change, while men may say the same about women. In general, it is quite typical for both men and women to stay dedicated to something they like. A hesitancy to change is not so unusual. Staying true to a favorite fragrance, aftershave or scented lotion is just one example of how both women and men tend to stick with what they know they like.

The beginning of a new year, a birthday or any other life changing event such as changing jobs, getting married or divorced or moving to a new place is an ideal time to explore a new fragrance. Switching to a new perfume or aftershave can be a fantastic first step to getting out of a rut that you have allowed yourself to exist in far too long. Making small changes can lead to bigger changes, new adventures, unexpected excitement and the opportunity to go from simply existing to enjoying each day to its fullest.

Finding a place such as Fragrance Villa where you can shop for your favorite fragrance and various other bath and body products makes it easy to consistently revisit and reorder the same products. As part of a resolution to change some things in your life, you can order something new along with your regular favorite. Browsing through the products listed as new arrivals will update you on the most current products available. If you prefer, you can spend some time exploring the many fragrances that have remained popular throughout the years. Vintage favorites are surely worth experimenting with. After all, they must have great appeal in order to have remained popular for so long.

An ideal way to try some new fragrances out is to purchase a mini gift set. Treating yourself to a new assortment of aromas can make you feel adventurous and special. You could also purchase a tester to see if that specific fragrance has a chance to become your new favorite or a least become an addition to your collection. To simplify the decision-making process, you might want to randomly choose a new fragrance from the best seller collection.

If it is hard for you to change your fragrance buying habits, pick a special day and give yourself the gift of a new fragrance product to celebrate that day. You never know when you'll find something new that impresses you.

Instakilt Bath Towel

I just thought this was amusing. It is a bath / beach towel designed to look a kilt.

Hence the name "Instakilt".

I didn't buy one, but I definitely snapped a photo. Perfect for the man on your xmas list!

I wonder what is under his kilt...?

Men's Jackets and Outerware

Men's outerwear is symbolic of a man's personality, and having the right outwear for every occasion is important for the man that values style. When gentlemen are wearing outwear with aplomb, they look like they are master of their own domain, and this is very important for the guy who wants to be in charge of his life and climb the ladder at work and at home.

Peter Millar jackets are a significant step in styling a man who values his look every day. Whether he is heading to the office to close deals, taking him wife out for a nice dinner, or hiking alone on his day off, the discriminating gentleman must make wardrobe choices that add to his appeal.

When dressing for the weather, there are many forms of outerwear that will make him look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time. His wife can snuzzle into the jacket during a cold carriage ride, the kids can hide under the jacket as the wind blows, and he can breeze into a business meeting looking like the sharpest person in the room. All of this can be achieved with well-styled and proper outerwear for gentlemen who know what they want out of life.

Hemp Fiber Hats!!!

By Tamyka Bullen

Hats come in different shapes and come in different fibers. I only have one hat that is made of hemp and the design of it is so beautiful. It is hard to find more hemp hats at mainstreamed stores as you only find them at a few fair trade stores. When I bought the hemp hat, the texture was rough but wasn't itchy. It was flexible like the coil string that you can bent. Hemp hats are perfect to wear during the spring, summer and fall times.

What I do not know that there are some benefit to wear hemp hats...
1. They are lightweight, absorbant and longlasting.
2. They are UV and mold-resistant.
3. Hemp can blend with other fibers
4. They are organic since a little water is only required and is renewable resource.

Hats for Men and Women

Wearing a hat to enhance the look of an outfit is a hot new trend with both men and women. A hat has gone beyond the point of being a practical accessory. A hat can be the perfect finishing touch to a casual ensemble worn to a party, a simple gathering of close friends or while on vacation. Here are some of the most popular trends when it comes to hats.

The fedora is popular with both men and women. A woman may wear a black fedora with a simple pencil skirt and blouse. Or she can pair the hat with a beloved pair of jeans and a sweater. A black or gray fedora goes well with many types of casual outfits for women. Alternatively, men are putting on a fedora when they want to wear jeans and a t-shirt to a club. He may match a fedora with his favorite leather jacket. A fedora is a versatile hat with a design that can add a dash of style to any outfit.

A western hat is another piece of head wear that is gaining in popularity. They aren't just for cowboys anymore! Women who want to put on their favorite pair of cowboy boots and go out for the night can emphasize the look with a western hat in brown or black. A man can put on a western hat with a barn jacket or leather coat to make the look even more memorable. Western hats with silver adornments or a leather strap around the crown are ideal for men and women who want to go a step further with the look. In addition, men and women often choose western hats that are crushable so they have no problem packing the hat away for a trip or vacation.

The driver's cap is also a favorable option for many men and women. A plaid driver's cap paired with a simple trench coat can give a woman a stylish look even if she is just out to run errands. A driver's cap is also attractive for a man to wear with jeans and a jacket. He may opt for plaid or go with a cap in a solid color. The look is classic and never goes out of style. is one example of a shop where a man or woman can find a driver's cap along with hats in many other styles.

Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

Nobody wants to look old and crotchety. People enjoy having young looking skin that is free of wrinkles. Unfortunately, as people age, they are sure to get lines and wrinkles. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem, and people are able to look younger for a longer period of time.

Keeping the Skin Moist

Using some type of moisturizer every day is a good way to help stave off the wrinkles. Wrinkles are more prone to happen when the skin is in a dry state most of the time. When the skin is moist, on the other hand, it remains hydrated and wrinkles are less likely to appear.

Using a Specialized Wrinkle Formula

Of course, using the moisturizer is only half the battle. Because moisturizer is only to help keep wrinkles at bay, it must be used in combination with a formula that is used to keep the skin wrinkle free. There are many wrinkle treatment formulas on the market, and it helps to do research in order to choose only the best.

Because people want to use what works and not waste their precious hard earned money, they will search for more info on JeNu and other well-known formulas. When they have found something that has a good reputation, they are likely to buy and use it. After they have followed the regimen to keep skin young and healthy looking, aged skin will be transformed. The fear of looking old and crotchety will be a moot point.

Designer Wallets for Men

Mens designer wallets are prized possessions when owned by the discerning gentleman. They can be crafted from beautiful varieties of leather with hand-turned corners and reinforced stitching. At the same time, they can have practical and multiple uses.

A PASSPORT WALLET is designed to hold a U.S. passport and other travel essentials, has two full-length pockets for currency and receipts, spaces for ten credit cards and a smaller pocket.

An INTERNATIONAL WALLET is a traveler's favorite. It stores rail tickets, over-sized currency and important documents, has divided bill compartments, ten credit card pockets and two extra pockets.

A CLASSIC WALLET is the most popular bestseller. The bi-fold style
has eight credit card pockets and two extra pockets to hold receipts or cards. Choose from leathers including chestnut, walnut, black, calf, grey or navy twill and more.

A BILLFOLD MONEY CLIP WALLET is streamlined and holds bills securely. Its large pocket holds up to ten receipts or business cards and its interior pocket holds smaller items or several business cards.

A SLIM CREDIT CARD CASE is extra thin and lightweight so it can be carried in the back pocket and not add bulk. There are six pockets for up to 15 credit cards, an ID and other essentials.

A BREAST POCKET WALLET is a collector's favorite and is perfect for the gentleman who prefers to keep his valuables close to his heart. There is an open-sided currency area, an extra large pocket for receipts and six credit card pockets.


By Tamyka Bullen

As a fashionable lady, I know the shape of my body, I choose pants that match my lively personality. Unfortunately, pants are designed for women who have wide and curvable hips which I don't. Women with wide and curvable hips do not need belts to hold their pants. My hips are flat BUT my body can  carry a baby or ever two. Mind you ok? Hahaha. Excuse me, I sincerely hope I do not carry six babies in my tummy. Ahhhh...hahaha
Back to point, I really love pants for two things I completely hate to shave my hairy legs, and keep my legs warm during the fall and winter times. Anyways, I want my pants to stay on, not drop down to my feet and expose my lovely arse to the public. Magically, belts are for! Smile! More fashion industries design really super cool belts that I eternally drool over. I can't have all of them but I can show what belts I really want to have to fill in my wardrobe closet! 

 This belt caught my eyes. I was like "WOW WHAT SO BEAUTIFUL!"  I can imagine that it will look great on dark blue denim pants and an emerald sweater. Look more contrast. 

 I really love this gold belt as it makes me feel like a top-world lady who only goes to cocktail parties in New York City and hold a fabulous career! Hahaha it must looks great with clothes of bright sparkling colours! 

 I love pink the most in the world. I love the design of the belt because the combination of pink and gold ALWAYS look so good! So romantic. Sigh...This belt looks good on all colours especially grey! 

 I love this unique belt because I know it will look good on my long white blouse. Too bad, I do not have it yet. Maybe in the future if I see a belt that is similar to this belt, I will grab it in NO TIME! HAHAHAHA. 

Men's Steampunk Clothing!

By Tamyka Bullen.

A few years ago, I learned about the Steampunk culture and it fascinated me immediately. I want to go into a brief history behind of this culture. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that invented non-existing steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West" in a post-apocalyptic future. These steam-powered machinery may be considered as anachronistic technologies or retro-futuristic. Never know if they will be happening in the distant future time when the number of human population decrease to brink of an extinction.

Currently, steampunk is treated as fashionable, cultured, an art and perhaps an architectural style. Traditionally, the steampunk incorporates fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history or other branches of speculative fiction to make it a hybrid genre but not always necessary. Interesting about the term steampunk was brought in the literature in 1987 to describe all those fictious steam-powered machinery mentioned in classical novels written by well-known figures such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, Stephen Hunt, China Mieville and more.

I wished we were in the Victorian period so I could wear steampunk clothes but realistically, they were too heavy to wear with those tools. I envisaged myself to wear this outfit you see in the picture below..

I imagined what men's clothes looked like...and I bet that their clothes had stories about themselves.

1. This man puffed his fancy pipe while carried his weapon behind his back. He wore common Victorian clothes. I wondered what was the story behind this picture. I guessed he was in a war-torn country where the government was deeply corrupted. If I was in the war-torn country, I wouldn't wear it because it required hours to dress it up, then put this heavy machine on my back. I would pant heavily while carry it when travel long. He didn't look so peaceful. Not a happy guy!

2. I wondered what happened to those three men who all of a sudden wore steampunk clothes in the 21st century? Perhaps, they were tired of seeing advertisements printed on clothes to coerce people to consume more until they became penniless. You never see advertisements on steampunk clothes and they always look polish while modern clothes come in from bum to polish.

3. Look at this tattooed and pierced man! He looked like he was just coming on the stage behind the curtain. I assumed that he was a famous illusionist who needed googles when performed magics. I envisaged his name should be Zachary Kilmt.

4. I believed that this red-haired man was highly skilled in trades! Anything needed to be fixed, take them to his place that is hidden in dense forest. You will notice his lovely treehouse. Sigh...what a magic!

5. This dignified-looking man steered his small passenger pick-up aircraft for a long time. He inherited this business from his one time thief mom. YES, I am serious and that was how they had this aircraft by stole it from other thief named Kevin Goodie. Kevin from the other picture, he always hid his face because he didn't want to be recognized by polices.

See below the real Kevin Goodie...

6. This man in the picture was a police. Hunting after Kevin Goodie was his long life-dedication! Look at his gun! We should be afraid of him. FYI...this police was not so sweet.

7. This lady craze dude never stopped fooling around with ladies! He loved to wear black steampunk clothes but didn't like to wear devices. When his eyes caught a pretty lady, he took off his clothes in a few seconds and said GRRR... True story, all his potential ladies ran away from him!

8. Oh my gosh...This guy was a long descendent of the famous playwright and poet named William Shakespeare!!! He is Henry Shakespeare. He writes a series of Zombie Romance books.

Beads Girl!

By Tamyka Bullen.

I really love beads for many reasons, they are very colourful and come in different shapes. You can find beads in many cultures everywhere! For my spare time, I make bead necklaces to donate to non-profit organizations to help them to make profits from it. So far, it works well! Here what I made....

1.This necklace suits a person who wears flashy clothes.

2. I was trying to make necklaces and bracelets of various styles to match people with various personalities.

3. I got the pendent from the Cuban lady a few years ago. I made a necklace out of it. I think it suits free-country people well.

4. This silver necklace and silver bracelet are perfect for people who are sophisticated.

5. This is my favourite necklace because it reflects my personality perfectly.

Buying beads are not always necessarily expensive. There are some stores on Queen West Street in Toronto that sell beads with discounts and sometimes sell wildly cheaper like a few cents!

Britain's Most Beautiful Woman

A year and a half ago the British media made a big fuss about the woman above, Florence Colgate, and called her Britain's Most Beautiful Woman because she was "mathematically perfect".

The idea was that her face was perfectly symmetrical and well proportioned. And that symmetry was beautiful.

Well a year and a half later I am going to call BOGUS!

I am not saying the photos are photoshopped (although they probably are), but what I am going to say is that I don't think she is that beautful.


Because she is boring to look at. It is too perfect, too symmetrical and waaaaaaaay too boring.

Her face has almost no personality.

And call me a naysayer if you want, but I think it is a person's personality that bubbles forth and makes a person MORE beautiful because of the way they smile, make faces, show emotion. The photo at the top for example is more bubbly than the symmetry photo above... but neither of them are bursting with real emotion.

Now here is the thing... I also think the whole thing was a scam to promote people to get facial reconstruction surgery / plastic surgery, etc. People would see the media articles and go "My face isn't symmetrical! I should get surgery..."

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was organized by the plastic surgery industry in Britain (which by the way, is one of the world's leading places to get plastic surgery).

I even checked. See the graphic below. Eyelid, face, neck, brow lifts surgery statistics all rose in 2012. Even the statistics for men concerning the face rose dramatically in 2012 - for men! Which means even men were going out and getting eyelid surgery, face lifts, neck lifts, etc.

It really makes me an advocate of makeup.

I would much rather see people try to beautify themselves with makeup than slowly turn themselves into monsters using plastic surgery.

Just google plastic surgery mistakes sometime... or look at all the celebrities who have ruined their faces with plastic surgery. Or even ruined their careers.

Remember the actress Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing?

You wouldn't recognize her today. She had a nose job a few years after Dirty Dancing and her face is now unrecognizable. See the before and after photo below. That nose job ruined her career.

And personally I thought she was more attractive with her original nose.

Tank Tops Rock

Call it sheer simplicity, but tank tops rock.

Here is why...

Tank tops require very little effort to put on.

Tank tops are cheap and inexpensive.

They look amazing.

Tank tops are great for exercising in or just hanging out casually. (But they are definitely NOT business casual.)

They are just all around easy to have, wear, use and look great in.

Archery Fashion Chic

Archery has been a big thing ever since all the archery movies that came out in 2012.

But frankly it only seems to be getting started. The sport of archery has seen a renaissance since the mid-2000s and all the recent archery movies and TV shows are just jumping on the bandwagon and pushing the sport into hyperdrive.

Actors like Jennifer Lawrence (photo on the right) are doing a lot to promote the sport of archery, and especially for women this means an activity women can excel at without having to worry about what the rest of society thinks of them.

eg. Like the stigma around female weightlifters and bodybuilders. So unlike bodybuilding women archers can exercise and have their cake too. (Although try to keep the cake to small portions, we are watching our waistline.)

But what about fashion and archery?


#1. Tight Fitting Clothing.

Why? So the bow string doesn't rub against your clothing while you are taking a shot. Don't think of this as a limitation either. Think of it as a way to liberate yourself and explore your options.

#2. Dress for the Weather.

My advice? Wear tight fitting layers so that you can shed those layers whenever you want, depending on whether it is too hot or too cold.

#3. Wear a Sports Bra.

If you are a very busty gal this is going to be a must. The sports bra will flatten your breasts out more and the bowstring won't be rubbing against them in an awkward fashion.

#4. Arm Guard.

Leave space on your bow arm for an arm guard to protect your arm. You can even make your own arm guards (also known as bracers) using rawhide leather. Just cut out the shape of the armguard, poke holes in it with a knife, and then use a shoestring to stitch the sides of the armguard together like you would ice skates.

#5. Gloves.

You will need archery finger gloves or a release tab for your arrow hand, but for your bow hand some people like to wear a glove. My recommendation is to buy either weightlifting gloves or cycling gloves - because they will give you more grip and be fairly comfortable. Try them on in the store to make sure they fit and only buy gloves that feel comfortable to you.

#6. Hat.

Keeping the sun off while doing archery is a big deal. Baseball caps work, but they are a pain because you have to take them off every time you shoot. Feel free to experiment with floppy hats that fold back while you are drawing it back.

#7. Shorts or Skirts?

If it is very hot outside you are going to be tempted to wear shorts. But skirts work equally well, depends whether you want a tan or not. I don't recommend wearing pants or jeans if it is super hot outside however. The good news is that none of these below the waist fashion choices really matter for archery. You can wear a ballerina tutu if it makes you feel good.

#8. Shoes / Boots.

Wear footwear that gives you lots of stability. Archery is a sport about form and you want to be perfectly still and balanced while you make your shot. Wear shoes that give you the ability to balance easily - which means anything with heels is automatically not an option. (The photo below of the Asian girl wearing high heels is ridiculous!)

#9. Get a jacket that is tight fitting.

This goes back to #1 at the top, but basically many jackets are rather bulky and not suitable for archery. Try on a number of jackets in stores and try to find one that is comfortable, fashionable and form fitting.

#10. Costumes!

For fun you can also try medieval costumes - but try to follow the tips above so that the clothing is still suitable for archery and the weather / etc.

If you are looking for archery lessons in Toronto I recommend hiring a personal trainer from

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