How to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Say what...

No seriously. You can make your breasts look bigger - without surgery and without stuffing your bra or bikini.

Call it one of those things that women like to do when they know they want to look "really good". Like when you have a super hot date and you want to look your absolute best.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for special occasions.

How to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

#1. Do Push Ups, Bench Presses and similar Bust Firming Exercises - Exercise will make your breasts look more perky and bigger.

Note: I cannot emphasis this one enough. Bust Firming Exercises really work and women have been doing them for decades. Even Marilyn Monroe did Bust Firming Exercises. They help you keep the shape of your breasts as you get older too, so even though you are 40 or 50 you could have the breasts of a 25 year old.

#2. Wear Two Bras - Extra Support = More Cleavage.

#3. Pin the back straps of your bra(s) together with a safety pin. Note, doing this will hurt because it will be really tight and squeeze your breasts together, so you don't want to be doing this very often.

#4. Using your hands, lift your breasts a bit and position them upwards so they look bigger.

#5. Makeup - Tanner, Lotion, Bronzers... extra colour in the area above the breasts makes them look bigger because there is more depth perception. Glitter and shimmer also work to add details and show off more shape.

#6. Contour Makeup - Using makeup, you can add contours to make your cleavage and breasts look bigger.

#7. Push Up Bras and Corsets Rock.

These tips are designed to accentuate and take full advantage of what you already have at your disposal.

DO NOT USE TAPE - Yes, it will give you more lift, but what happen when one tape becomes loose and your one breast looks bigger than the other... which looks all droopy in comparison. Plus that won't work if you are wearing a bikini because everyone will see the tape.

DO NOT STUFF YOUR BRA WITH SOCKS OR KLEENEX - That just looks really fake. Plus you can't do that with a bikini anyway.

DO NOT GET SURGERY - Because then everyone will know they're fake - And the health risks and botched boob jobs just aren't worth it. Plus the surgery leaves a distinctive scar which can often be seen when you are wearing a bikini.

Seriously, if you can get awesome results with exercise, fashion and makeup why would you bother with anything else?

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