Plus Size Tops for Women

Do you ever get annoyed that you can't find a clothing store with shirts that fits you because you're just a little too baby around the hips just about everywhere else you can think of. This is more common occurrence in America where everybody is just a little bit heavier these days.

These days the best way to find plus size clothing is to go online and find the website that you really like and has all the plus size clothing that you want. As such many people find out they have several different web sites what are their favorites.

Why because it's so hard to find plus size clothing web sites. They aren't exactly what people considered to be normal. So instead you end up having to look for such web sites and hopefully find the good ones.

Fortunately in America with the ever widening belts of Americans plus size clothing the norm.

Plus size tops for example are available on many websites in multiple countries, including Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the USA... but if you try doing a Google search in America and restrict it to specific states and cities you will quickly discover this is a booming industry in the USA.

And why shouldn't it be? We are all people and we all like to look fashionable.

It really is unfortunate that the USA has such a huge problem with people being overweight and obese, but that doesn't mean those people cannot dress themselves (unless they've reached the point where they can't even roll out of bed... in which case they're basically disabled).

Being fat doesn't have to be a disability however. It only becomes a disability if people allow their weight to get out of control and they mentally start to embrace their illness. Eating disorders work a bit like a slow kind of suicide...

Note: Many life insurance companies refuse to insure people who are morbidly obese because they could literally have a heart attack at any time and just die. There is no point insuring someone who could kick the bucket at a moments notice while scarfing down a cheeseburger.

However I will point out a funny thing a friend pointed out... Apparently if you kill yourself using auto erotic asphyxiation then your death will be ruled an accident by misadventure... which means life insurance still applies. And it is a more likely to be a successful suicide if someone wanted to deliberately kill themselves that way. Shooting yourself in the head with a pistol only kills people half the time. Often they end up in a hospital, drooling out the side of their mouth and wearing one of those horrible hospital nightgowns.

And lets face it, nobody wants to be caught alive or dead wearing a hospital nightgown.

So get yourself some nice clothes and do it in style baby!

I admit this is one of the most weird fashion posts I have ever done... but to be fair I am being facetious (joking in a fake manner) so if you didn't catch that, please do. Please also leave comments on the above somewhat controversial topics and which method of killing yourself is best.

#1. Slow death by eating yourself to death.

#2. Shooting yourself, living for another 20 years, and having to wear those horrible hospital nightgowns while relatives spoon-feed you during visits in the hospital.

#3. Auto erotic asphyxiation. Yes, its an embarrassing way to die, but you get to die in fashion baby! Possibly wearing women's lingerie like actor David Carradine did (from Kung Fu and Kill Bill) when he 'accidentally' killed himself.

Oh and plus size shirts. They're awesome. Just so long as they're not too BIG because if its the size of a small elephant than you should probably go on a year long diet and lose 100 lbs until you weigh about 150 and can actually jog when you want to instead of feeling like a disabled invalid when you walk.

Nobody wants to be disabled and morbidly obese when they don't have to. Its really just a matter of self-control.

I should also note I don't endorse anorexia either. That is a different kind of illness / eating disorder and people who do that need serious help.


Don't forget plus size lingerie! That stuff rocks! Proof that having some curves still looks awesome, provided you don't go over the deep end and end up having "rolls" instead of curves.

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