Sports Bras for Running

Are you into running or jogging? Or maybe just exercising in general?

Then you probably will want a good quality sports bras.

And by quality I don't mean the cheapest thing you can find - I mean the best quality you can afford. Set yourself a budget and then go look for a sports bra that actually lives up to its promises.

There are lots of sports bras on the market and some of them are very good. Some of them are okay, but depending on the size of your breasts you will want something that is more heavy duty.

For example the Shock Absorber Run B5044 is not just a sports bra, it’s a running bra. It was specially developed in conjunction with Portsmouth University in the UK with their goal of trying to make a bounceless sports bra - really is impossible, but they got pretty darn close. It is billed as the first ever ‘bounceless’ sports bra, although they admit in their own studies that it is really only 78% less bounce.

The good thing about a quality sports bra is that you can breath while wearing it (that comes in handy while running!), and it’s very comfortable and will you fit you better.

I also recommend comparing different sports bras and looking at reviews online. The Shock Absorber Run B5044 for example has 4.5 stars out of 5 on reviews on and

The company Shock Absorber has also developed sports bras specially designed for different kinds of activities so even if you aren't into running you can check out the other things they have to offer. Other similar companies have similar bras too and I highly recommend trying out 2 or 3 different companies to see which one you like best.

The best place to buy a Shock Absorber is (UK/USA only) or Prices start at about £18 or US$43.

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