The Legalities of Dress Code

I learned something interesting recently about the legalities of dress code.

#1. Security guards are not allowed to touch you unless you do something illegal. Being dressed a certain way (barring nudity of course) does not constitute an illegal act. Thus if you go to a restaurant that has a dress code, the restaurant cannot have security guards throw you out, because legally they are not allowed to touch you unless you do something illegal. If a security guard touches you and you haven't done anything illegal, you can have his security guard license revoked and he or she will be unable to work. Security guards know this rule thoroughly too. The purpose of security guards is really to stop shoplifters, thieves, people who are breaking and entering, vandals, etc. They are not there to be "Fashion Police".

#2. Calling the police is out of the question too. The police don't care what you do as long as you don't break the law. They're not being paid to be "Fashion Police" either.

#3. Basically the only places that can legally enforce a dress code is a court of law. If the judge finds your attire unappropriate they may find you in contempt of court and insist you change into better looking clothing. However if you tell the judge that this is the best clothes you own, well, not much the judge can do about it. They might still find you in contempt of court however if the judge thinks you are lying.

#4. Many restaurants make people wait to be seated, basically standing in the foyer of the restaurant. If you are not dressed a certain way they might refuse to seat you. In which case if you try to seat yourself, then yes, you are trespassing, in which case they could physically throw you out if you refuse to leave.

#5. Trump Card! Food critics can wear whatever they want pretty much. If the restaurant thinks you are a food critic then who are they to argue? They aren't going to insist you leave based on your choices of fashion if they think you are a food critic and might give them a bad review.

Some places have a black tie policy. But what is considered "black tie" can be vague to some people. Its a bit like trying to figure out what "business casual" means. Ask 10 different people and you will get a different answer each time.

In general "Black Tie" is basically a black suit / tuxedo, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes. However there are sub-groups of Black Tie which require a cumberbund, cuff links, etc.

However for women there is a lot more variety and options. That standard is an ankle or calf length dress, or a cocktail dress, sometimes accompanied by a stole, wrap, scarf, gloves, evening shoes - nothing too gaudy or outrageous.

Its a bit like going to the Oscars. Except the dresses the women wear are much more conservative.

I should note at the same time that dress code from decade to decade has a tendency to change dramatically.

What was considered "okay" in 1950 versus what was considered "okay" in 2010 has changed quite a bit - we now show a lot more skin than we used to.

You might think we showed a lot more skin during the 1960s or 1970s, but really that is only because popular culture has made a fuss about such things. In reality we show way more neck, shoulder, back, midriff, leg and even butt cheeks than we ever did before...

Whether you can get into a certain restaurant or posh casino dressed like that however - whole other story.

Awesome Crystal Jewelry from Canada

Check out the site "Beautiful Vegan Crystal Jewelry" which showcases some really awesome examples of crystal jewelry.

Good things to know about this jewelry... They are ALL NATURAL, made of crystals, wood, clay, silver and linen.


Some of them are also made with resin, but the artist is this really kewl vegan woman from Toronto named "Lyn Rose", and her jewelry is just plain MIND BLOWING!

Fashion Writers Wanted


The Fashion Salon is looking for dedicated Fashion Writers... the work is unpaid, but you get to write about whatever fashion topics you want - the more sassy and controversial the better!

See our Writing Submission Guidelines for more details.

Corsetiere Melanie Talkington

Corsetiere Melanie Talkington got the call of her life in 2012... It was from the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris, located in the Louvre, because they wanted to showcase some of her private corset collection, some 230 pieces that date back as far as 1820.

Corsetiere and fashion designer Melanie Talkington owns Lace Embrace Atelier, a shop and studio just off Main St. in Vancouver, Canada. She sells spectacular handmade corsets, as well as boudoir paraphernalia, including Patricia Fieldwalker silk nightgowns, modern bra/panty/girdle combos by French ’50s reproduction line Scandale, garters and elaborate stockings.

Her corsets are often replicas of vintage styles from her Paris-worthy collection. The grand creations, which can be remade in exotic fabrics, take six to eight weeks to finish making, and start at $600 and can sometimes cost thousands for a custom job. Ready to wear models begin at $250.

Buyers from around the world flock to her shop in Vancouver, sending Talkington their measurements via email. Some are so hard-core they leave their personal fit mannequins with her, including loyalists such as Burlesque superstar Dita von Teese or Cathie Jung (record holder for the world’s smallest waist - 15 inches).

Talkington graduated from Kwantlen University in Surrey, B.C., where she had to teach herself the lost art of corsetry as a hobby in-between classes; today, thanks to a resurgence of interest in the subject (and its liberal use by modern designers, including Dolce & Gabbana), modern corsetry is taught in many international fashion schools... But knowledge of traditional / vintage corsetry is limited. Talkington's obsession led her to study and collect many antique corsets, helping her to replicate the vintage styles.

“I am obsessed,” Talkington says. “But with the internet, I now know how many other people out there are as well!”

In her collection there is a rare red-wool 1860s corset. Vintage pieces can be dated by the length of their components, and by how they manipulate the bosom, waist or hip to match the fashions of the day.

There is a small international community of artisans, collectors and scholars with whom Talkington shares sources, such as the revived steel producer in France who provides her with steel for the stays. (These stopped being made of whalebone in the 1880s.)

The continued and growing popularity of burlesque shows in Canada means Talkington has a steady supply of fresh clients, as well as those who buy for special occasions (think weddings) as well as others who wear corsets daily (often to train their waists, or make them smaller).

She also has a number of male clients. “You put a corset on a man to flatten his stomach, and it makes his chest fuller, and gives him a military bearing,” says Talkington.

The Paris show, Behind the Seams: An indiscreet look at the mechanics of Fashion, includes 38 items from Talkington’s collection and starts in July at Musée de la Mode et du Textile, located in the decorative arts wing of the Louvre.

Talkington hopes to bring the exhibit home afterwards: She’s planning to display her collection at her shop or a local art gallery.

P*rnstar Fashion Chic

NOTE - I apologize for the bleeps. They are done deliberately.

Dressing like a sl*t is a rather unusual trend within the fashion industry. Typically done by girls in their teens or twenties, its done to be deliberately provocative and to arouse attention. In many ways it is a sign of youth rebellion.

You might believe me that people are doing this... in which case have a look at American Apparel's advertising images, like those shown here. That is really their goal. Selling clothes to young women who want to dress like sl*ts.

And if you are looking to dress like a sl*t then look no further than the adult fashion industry. You know, the type of clothing that you can find in an adult fashion store / s*x toy store. Those clothing in such places will give you plenty of ideas of what is expected when people talk about P*rnstar Chic.

P*rnstar Chic, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is a new phenomenon whereby the p*rn industry is now considered hip, kewl, fashionable. And thus, dressing like a sl*t is likewise considered kewl.

And to be fair, dressing in that way has been considered fashionable for centuries... it just varied on how they did it. The Victorian women did it using low cut dresses to show off their cleavage.

But in a modern sense there are many ways a person can accomplish this. Wearing lingerie as a shirt, wearing panties instead of swimming shorts, wearing a corset instead of a vest... These are examples of one type of P*rnstar Chic - whereby you are wearing lingerie as regular clothing.

There are other ways to exhibit this chic look too... including leather bondage gear (which has been done many times over by people into heavy metal and goth music).

The end result is really just a fashion statement wherein a person identifies themselves as being more sexually liberal and open minded.

More P*rnstar Chic Tips

#1. Wear your bra OVER your t-shirt instead of under it. It looks bizarre, but combined with other pieces of eccentric clothing you can create a really strange and provocative look.

#2. Wear bodysuits. Yes, it also makes you look like a danger, but it is a really sl*tty look too.

#3. Show off your shoulders or mid-riff, either in combination with really tight clothing, or extra loose clothing.

#4. Add elements to your clothing so you look more like a dominatrix.

#5. Get really tall boots that go above your knees. Expensive, but they look amazing.

#6. Fake tattoos. Or real ones. Either way, they do their job.

I also want to note that dressing a specific way doesn't mean that you're a sl*t. Or a prostitute. Or a high class escort. Or a dominatrix. It is really more like a costume.

It simply means you enjoy dressing a specific way. So if someone likes to dress in black leather, a tight fitting black corset,  long finger gloves, and fishnet stockings that doesn't mean that she is a dominatrix. She might simply be a goth. Or a fan of comic book superheroine Black Canary (who is famous for her fishnet stockings).

We should also note that the typical escort agency in Toronto doesn't promote their employees by wearing sl*tty clothing on the street. They're much more sophisticated than that. For $200+ per hour they can afford to be wearing Versace and other pricey brand fashions.

So in reality the people who are dressing like a sl*ts... well, they are just messing with your head. The escorts are blending in and aiming at high fashion - cocktail dresses, etc. Because their goal is different... they want to look classy and respectable, because then they can charge more money for their services.

American Apparel knows exactly what they are doing with their advertising.

Except a couple years ago they nearly went bankrupt because they had narrowed their focus too much. Since then they have been trying to diversify a bit, but they're still marketing mostly to thin young women.

Which is ironic, since the more lucrative market in the USA is actually women who are overweight. Regardless, their goal is to sell fashion using sex - and young women are always looking for more ways to look sexy and attract a mate.

More Steampunk Cosplay Fashion

I admit I am loving these Steampunk photos. Why can't we dress like this ALL the time???

Steampunk Cosplay Fashion

Below - An example of steampunk cosplay fashion.

And below, a Steampunk style R2D2 garbage can.

And below, even more examples of steampunk cosplay fashion at work.

Egyptian Jewelry

I just think this is beautiful. Egyptian Jewelry rocks!

Great for formal wear or casual events.

Skyrim and Star Wars Bikinis

I decided to post these more for general amusement. Skyrim and Star Wars cosplay enthusiasts, eat your heart out.

First female to sign male modelling contract

She’s taking the male modelling world by storm.

From the swimming pool to the catwalk, former Olympic swimmer-turned New York model Casey Legler has found her calling as a male model.

Sure, retired athletes make the transition into real world professions all the time. But when the French-born Legler signed a male model contract with the prestigious Ford Modelling Agency last summer, it thrust her into the fashion world’s spotlight.

And with good reason: it’s not everyday cross-gender modelling occurs although it’s not new and is quickly carving its niche in the modelling world.

With a masculine physique complimented by chiseled facial features and cheekbones, Legler, 35, who competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics for France in the women’s 50-metre freestyle and freestyle relay, said recently that she lucked into the modelling contract.

A friend who needed a model for a shoot asked her if she’d be interested.

“I wasn’t doing anything on that particular Friday so I said yes,” she said.

Her friend showed the photos from the shoot to an agent at Ford, and the rest is history.

Legler said she feels ushered into the modelling world by Bosnian-born model Pejic, a male model having international success modelling women’s clothing.

An artist who works across a variety of platforms with themes like time, mythology and ritual, Legler believes her entry into the male modelling world is a perfect fit for her, a natural extension of self.

“Seeing me on the men’s board . . . speaks to the notion of freedom,” she says. “There’s something really bold about that, and that it really is saying ‘look, there is also this other way, and it’s really rad.’ ”

Legler will also star in a photo series commissioned by British clothing brand AllSaints, titled “Portraits of a Collection” series.

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