P*rnstar Fashion Chic

NOTE - I apologize for the bleeps. They are done deliberately.

Dressing like a sl*t is a rather unusual trend within the fashion industry. Typically done by girls in their teens or twenties, its done to be deliberately provocative and to arouse attention. In many ways it is a sign of youth rebellion.

You might believe me that people are doing this... in which case have a look at American Apparel's advertising images, like those shown here. That is really their goal. Selling clothes to young women who want to dress like sl*ts.

And if you are looking to dress like a sl*t then look no further than the adult fashion industry. You know, the type of clothing that you can find in an adult fashion store / s*x toy store. Those clothing in such places will give you plenty of ideas of what is expected when people talk about P*rnstar Chic.

P*rnstar Chic, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is a new phenomenon whereby the p*rn industry is now considered hip, kewl, fashionable. And thus, dressing like a sl*t is likewise considered kewl.

And to be fair, dressing in that way has been considered fashionable for centuries... it just varied on how they did it. The Victorian women did it using low cut dresses to show off their cleavage.

But in a modern sense there are many ways a person can accomplish this. Wearing lingerie as a shirt, wearing panties instead of swimming shorts, wearing a corset instead of a vest... These are examples of one type of P*rnstar Chic - whereby you are wearing lingerie as regular clothing.

There are other ways to exhibit this chic look too... including leather bondage gear (which has been done many times over by people into heavy metal and goth music).

The end result is really just a fashion statement wherein a person identifies themselves as being more sexually liberal and open minded.

More P*rnstar Chic Tips

#1. Wear your bra OVER your t-shirt instead of under it. It looks bizarre, but combined with other pieces of eccentric clothing you can create a really strange and provocative look.

#2. Wear bodysuits. Yes, it also makes you look like a danger, but it is a really sl*tty look too.

#3. Show off your shoulders or mid-riff, either in combination with really tight clothing, or extra loose clothing.

#4. Add elements to your clothing so you look more like a dominatrix.

#5. Get really tall boots that go above your knees. Expensive, but they look amazing.

#6. Fake tattoos. Or real ones. Either way, they do their job.

I also want to note that dressing a specific way doesn't mean that you're a sl*t. Or a prostitute. Or a high class escort. Or a dominatrix. It is really more like a costume.

It simply means you enjoy dressing a specific way. So if someone likes to dress in black leather, a tight fitting black corset,  long finger gloves, and fishnet stockings that doesn't mean that she is a dominatrix. She might simply be a goth. Or a fan of comic book superheroine Black Canary (who is famous for her fishnet stockings).

We should also note that the typical escort agency in Toronto doesn't promote their employees by wearing sl*tty clothing on the street. They're much more sophisticated than that. For $200+ per hour they can afford to be wearing Versace and other pricey brand fashions.

So in reality the people who are dressing like a sl*ts... well, they are just messing with your head. The escorts are blending in and aiming at high fashion - cocktail dresses, etc. Because their goal is different... they want to look classy and respectable, because then they can charge more money for their services.

American Apparel knows exactly what they are doing with their advertising.

Except a couple years ago they nearly went bankrupt because they had narrowed their focus too much. Since then they have been trying to diversify a bit, but they're still marketing mostly to thin young women.

Which is ironic, since the more lucrative market in the USA is actually women who are overweight. Regardless, their goal is to sell fashion using sex - and young women are always looking for more ways to look sexy and attract a mate.

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