Male Swimsuits and why some men just can't go swimming...

Swimwear for men comes in two varieties.

#1. Skintight speedo-type swimwear which are made for men who are super hot and hunky. Like the one in the photo here, which is Hugo Boss swim shorts.


#2. Really baggy ugly things called "swim trunks" designed to cover them up because many men are overweight / too skinny and feel self-conscious about other people staring at their junk.

It really comes down to whether the man falls into one of two categories...

Either they are buff and confident.

Or they overweight / too skinny and lack the confidence to strut their stuff with other people watching because their butt is too fat / too skinny and they are worried about how other people will look at them.

Women do the exact same thing. Every woman wants to wear a sexy bikini - but most American women can't do that because the average American is overweight or obese. It is not such a big deal in Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa - where people exercise and eat more healthily - but in the USA, most women buy a one-piece swimsuit in order to cover up her extra flab.

However with men its a bit bizarre... because even the skinny men still buy swim trunks in order to cover up. It is really only the buff / muscular men who feel confident enough to wear something which is skintight.

I think it comes down to the fact that our beauty standards are such that skinny women is desirable (with the exception of anorexics), but skinny men is not desirable.

And to prove this we just have to look at the fitness industry - where even buff women with lots of muscles still wear bikinis and wouldn't dream of wearing an one-piece swimsuit.

Back to swim trunks, I should point out that in advertising the swim trunks are still displayed on buff male models... because it would not encourage the men to buy them if they were shown on anorexic or overweight men, despite the fact that its mostly overweight and skinny men who buy swim trunks. And the more overweight or skinny the person is, the bigger and baggier the swim trunks will be. They're almost like parachute pants.

And while we are at it... when was the last time you saw a man wearing an one-piece swimsuit? Probably it was either a man who was REALLY OVERWEIGHT or it was pre-1950s...

A scuba gear wetsuit doesn't count.

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