Where to buy Kufi hats

Kufi hats are normally worn by Muslim men - but I would argue that they can be worn by ANYONE.

A friend of mine who teaches archery in Toronto is even looking to get one, just so his hair won't get in his eyes while he is trying to aim. So I could see it being useful for many people.

A Kufi hat is essentially a crochet toque with ample holes in it, designed so it keeps your hair in place, but isn't really hot - so you can wear it even on hot days.

Some Kufi hats have more holes than other Kufi hats - so there is some room for flexibility if you want one that is a tad warmer.

They even look really great on kids (boys and girls!), in a variety of different colours.

The only problem is WHERE to buy them. Online is a possibility. If you know of stores that cater to Muslim men and women, that is a good option too. I myself have only found one place that sells them (a Muslim book store), but there has to be many more places.

If you know of locations where a person can purchase Kufi hats (online or in person), please post it in the comments sections.

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