Britain's Most Beautiful Woman

A year and a half ago the British media made a big fuss about the woman above, Florence Colgate, and called her Britain's Most Beautiful Woman because she was "mathematically perfect".

The idea was that her face was perfectly symmetrical and well proportioned. And that symmetry was beautiful.

Well a year and a half later I am going to call BOGUS!

I am not saying the photos are photoshopped (although they probably are), but what I am going to say is that I don't think she is that beautful.


Because she is boring to look at. It is too perfect, too symmetrical and waaaaaaaay too boring.

Her face has almost no personality.

And call me a naysayer if you want, but I think it is a person's personality that bubbles forth and makes a person MORE beautiful because of the way they smile, make faces, show emotion. The photo at the top for example is more bubbly than the symmetry photo above... but neither of them are bursting with real emotion.

Now here is the thing... I also think the whole thing was a scam to promote people to get facial reconstruction surgery / plastic surgery, etc. People would see the media articles and go "My face isn't symmetrical! I should get surgery..."

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was organized by the plastic surgery industry in Britain (which by the way, is one of the world's leading places to get plastic surgery).

I even checked. See the graphic below. Eyelid, face, neck, brow lifts surgery statistics all rose in 2012. Even the statistics for men concerning the face rose dramatically in 2012 - for men! Which means even men were going out and getting eyelid surgery, face lifts, neck lifts, etc.

It really makes me an advocate of makeup.

I would much rather see people try to beautify themselves with makeup than slowly turn themselves into monsters using plastic surgery.

Just google plastic surgery mistakes sometime... or look at all the celebrities who have ruined their faces with plastic surgery. Or even ruined their careers.

Remember the actress Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing?

You wouldn't recognize her today. She had a nose job a few years after Dirty Dancing and her face is now unrecognizable. See the before and after photo below. That nose job ruined her career.

And personally I thought she was more attractive with her original nose.

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