Cute Puppy Accessories

I admit sometimes dogs (in relationship to the fashion industry) are treated like fashion accessories.

But what about fashion items and accessories FOR YOUR DOG? (Really they're more like costumes for your dog, but they're really cute and adorable - despite the bizarre quality of dressing your dog up like a human.)

Eg. Dog dresses, dog vests, designer dog leashes. Oh and dog bows and booties.

Which brings me to the topic of Etsy.

Now I have mentioned Etsy before with relationship to fashion for humans - because such is the nature of Fashion Salon, we primarily talk about fashion for humans. But since I am now talking about dog fashion and puppy fashion (puppy wear?) then I have the unique opportunity to blather on endlessly about people who dress their pets up...

Yada yada yada.

Enough said.

Oh wait. Not enough. I also wanted to say you will get more quality and unique clothing if you buy from a smaller brand fashion designer - for dogs, although equally true for human fashion.

Which now allows me to make some recommendations for where to buy designer doggy fashion.

The person / company I recommend is Cora from Kasamile Klosette. Especially if your dog is quite small, as she specializes only in clothing for small dogs (which admittedly is like 90% of the dog clothing market).

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