Gemstone Gifts as a Fashion Accessory

There are some unconventional yet convenient options to the purchase of quality jewelry and gems from typical venues. There are many online resources and merchants who offer quality gemstones at consumer friendly price points.

When shopping for meaningful gifts that commemorate special occasions, holidays, or events, and for distinctive mementos to mark life's many milestones, it may be prudent to signify the month through the stone. There is some variation among experts regarding precise Birthstones for the 12 calendar months of the year, but the consensus is as follows:

January: Garnet
February: amethyst
March: aquamarine
April: diamond
May: Emerald
June: pearl
August: peridot
September: sapphire
October: opal
November: topaz
December: turquoise

By selecting the appropriate gemstone to convey the month of the special event, gifts take on a deeper, more significant underlying tone. The stones mentioned vary in price based on availability, retail venue, setting, stone quality, as well as the current market value. Consumers seeking specific stones for custom made jewelry items, there may be merchants online that offer stunning pieces at affordable costs.

When buying for the first time from unfamiliar vendors, be sure to confirm and review the terms and conditions of sales to ensure satisfaction or return policies prior to placing orders. This may help alleviate any issues after the sale, or overall customer dissatisfaction.

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