Beads Girl!

By Tamyka Bullen.

I really love beads for many reasons, they are very colourful and come in different shapes. You can find beads in many cultures everywhere! For my spare time, I make bead necklaces to donate to non-profit organizations to help them to make profits from it. So far, it works well! Here what I made....

1.This necklace suits a person who wears flashy clothes.

2. I was trying to make necklaces and bracelets of various styles to match people with various personalities.

3. I got the pendent from the Cuban lady a few years ago. I made a necklace out of it. I think it suits free-country people well.

4. This silver necklace and silver bracelet are perfect for people who are sophisticated.

5. This is my favourite necklace because it reflects my personality perfectly.

Buying beads are not always necessarily expensive. There are some stores on Queen West Street in Toronto that sell beads with discounts and sometimes sell wildly cheaper like a few cents!

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