Men's Steampunk Clothing!

By Tamyka Bullen.

A few years ago, I learned about the Steampunk culture and it fascinated me immediately. I want to go into a brief history behind of this culture. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that invented non-existing steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West" in a post-apocalyptic future. These steam-powered machinery may be considered as anachronistic technologies or retro-futuristic. Never know if they will be happening in the distant future time when the number of human population decrease to brink of an extinction.

Currently, steampunk is treated as fashionable, cultured, an art and perhaps an architectural style. Traditionally, the steampunk incorporates fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history or other branches of speculative fiction to make it a hybrid genre but not always necessary. Interesting about the term steampunk was brought in the literature in 1987 to describe all those fictious steam-powered machinery mentioned in classical novels written by well-known figures such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, Stephen Hunt, China Mieville and more.

I wished we were in the Victorian period so I could wear steampunk clothes but realistically, they were too heavy to wear with those tools. I envisaged myself to wear this outfit you see in the picture below..

I imagined what men's clothes looked like...and I bet that their clothes had stories about themselves.

1. This man puffed his fancy pipe while carried his weapon behind his back. He wore common Victorian clothes. I wondered what was the story behind this picture. I guessed he was in a war-torn country where the government was deeply corrupted. If I was in the war-torn country, I wouldn't wear it because it required hours to dress it up, then put this heavy machine on my back. I would pant heavily while carry it when travel long. He didn't look so peaceful. Not a happy guy!

2. I wondered what happened to those three men who all of a sudden wore steampunk clothes in the 21st century? Perhaps, they were tired of seeing advertisements printed on clothes to coerce people to consume more until they became penniless. You never see advertisements on steampunk clothes and they always look polish while modern clothes come in from bum to polish.

3. Look at this tattooed and pierced man! He looked like he was just coming on the stage behind the curtain. I assumed that he was a famous illusionist who needed googles when performed magics. I envisaged his name should be Zachary Kilmt.

4. I believed that this red-haired man was highly skilled in trades! Anything needed to be fixed, take them to his place that is hidden in dense forest. You will notice his lovely treehouse. Sigh...what a magic!

5. This dignified-looking man steered his small passenger pick-up aircraft for a long time. He inherited this business from his one time thief mom. YES, I am serious and that was how they had this aircraft by stole it from other thief named Kevin Goodie. Kevin from the other picture, he always hid his face because he didn't want to be recognized by polices.

See below the real Kevin Goodie...

6. This man in the picture was a police. Hunting after Kevin Goodie was his long life-dedication! Look at his gun! We should be afraid of him. FYI...this police was not so sweet.

7. This lady craze dude never stopped fooling around with ladies! He loved to wear black steampunk clothes but didn't like to wear devices. When his eyes caught a pretty lady, he took off his clothes in a few seconds and said GRRR... True story, all his potential ladies ran away from him!

8. Oh my gosh...This guy was a long descendent of the famous playwright and poet named William Shakespeare!!! He is Henry Shakespeare. He writes a series of Zombie Romance books.

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