Hemp Fiber Hats!!!

By Tamyka Bullen

Hats come in different shapes and come in different fibers. I only have one hat that is made of hemp and the design of it is so beautiful. It is hard to find more hemp hats at mainstreamed stores as you only find them at a few fair trade stores. When I bought the hemp hat, the texture was rough but wasn't itchy. It was flexible like the coil string that you can bent. Hemp hats are perfect to wear during the spring, summer and fall times.

What I do not know that there are some benefit to wear hemp hats...
1. They are lightweight, absorbant and longlasting.
2. They are UV and mold-resistant.
3. Hemp can blend with other fibers
4. They are organic since a little water is only required and is renewable resource.

Hats for Men and Women

Wearing a hat to enhance the look of an outfit is a hot new trend with both men and women. A hat has gone beyond the point of being a practical accessory. A hat can be the perfect finishing touch to a casual ensemble worn to a party, a simple gathering of close friends or while on vacation. Here are some of the most popular trends when it comes to hats.

The fedora is popular with both men and women. A woman may wear a black fedora with a simple pencil skirt and blouse. Or she can pair the hat with a beloved pair of jeans and a sweater. A black or gray fedora goes well with many types of casual outfits for women. Alternatively, men are putting on a fedora when they want to wear jeans and a t-shirt to a club. He may match a fedora with his favorite leather jacket. A fedora is a versatile hat with a design that can add a dash of style to any outfit.

A western hat is another piece of head wear that is gaining in popularity. They aren't just for cowboys anymore! Women who want to put on their favorite pair of cowboy boots and go out for the night can emphasize the look with a western hat in brown or black. A man can put on a western hat with a barn jacket or leather coat to make the look even more memorable. Western hats with silver adornments or a leather strap around the crown are ideal for men and women who want to go a step further with the look. In addition, men and women often choose western hats that are crushable so they have no problem packing the hat away for a trip or vacation.

The driver's cap is also a favorable option for many men and women. A plaid driver's cap paired with a simple trench coat can give a woman a stylish look even if she is just out to run errands. A driver's cap is also attractive for a man to wear with jeans and a jacket. He may opt for plaid or go with a cap in a solid color. The look is classic and never goes out of style. Killerhats.com is one example of a shop where a man or woman can find a driver's cap along with hats in many other styles.

Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

Nobody wants to look old and crotchety. People enjoy having young looking skin that is free of wrinkles. Unfortunately, as people age, they are sure to get lines and wrinkles. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem, and people are able to look younger for a longer period of time.

Keeping the Skin Moist

Using some type of moisturizer every day is a good way to help stave off the wrinkles. Wrinkles are more prone to happen when the skin is in a dry state most of the time. When the skin is moist, on the other hand, it remains hydrated and wrinkles are less likely to appear.

Using a Specialized Wrinkle Formula

Of course, using the moisturizer is only half the battle. Because moisturizer is only to help keep wrinkles at bay, it must be used in combination with a formula that is used to keep the skin wrinkle free. There are many wrinkle treatment formulas on the market, and it helps to do research in order to choose only the best.

Because people want to use what works and not waste their precious hard earned money, they will search for more info on JeNu and other well-known formulas. When they have found something that has a good reputation, they are likely to buy and use it. After they have followed the regimen to keep skin young and healthy looking, aged skin will be transformed. The fear of looking old and crotchety will be a moot point.

Designer Wallets for Men

Mens designer wallets are prized possessions when owned by the discerning gentleman. They can be crafted from beautiful varieties of leather with hand-turned corners and reinforced stitching. At the same time, they can have practical and multiple uses.

A PASSPORT WALLET is designed to hold a U.S. passport and other travel essentials, has two full-length pockets for currency and receipts, spaces for ten credit cards and a smaller pocket.

An INTERNATIONAL WALLET is a traveler's favorite. It stores rail tickets, over-sized currency and important documents, has divided bill compartments, ten credit card pockets and two extra pockets.

A CLASSIC WALLET is the most popular bestseller. The bi-fold style
has eight credit card pockets and two extra pockets to hold receipts or cards. Choose from leathers including chestnut, walnut, black, calf, grey or navy twill and more.

A BILLFOLD MONEY CLIP WALLET is streamlined and holds bills securely. Its large pocket holds up to ten receipts or business cards and its interior pocket holds smaller items or several business cards.

A SLIM CREDIT CARD CASE is extra thin and lightweight so it can be carried in the back pocket and not add bulk. There are six pockets for up to 15 credit cards, an ID and other essentials.

A BREAST POCKET WALLET is a collector's favorite and is perfect for the gentleman who prefers to keep his valuables close to his heart. There is an open-sided currency area, an extra large pocket for receipts and six credit card pockets.


By Tamyka Bullen

As a fashionable lady, I know the shape of my body, I choose pants that match my lively personality. Unfortunately, pants are designed for women who have wide and curvable hips which I don't. Women with wide and curvable hips do not need belts to hold their pants. My hips are flat BUT my body can  carry a baby or ever two. Mind you ok? Hahaha. Excuse me, I sincerely hope I do not carry six babies in my tummy. Ahhhh...hahaha
Back to point, I really love pants for two things I completely hate to shave my hairy legs, and keep my legs warm during the fall and winter times. Anyways, I want my pants to stay on, not drop down to my feet and expose my lovely arse to the public. Magically, belts are for! Smile! More fashion industries design really super cool belts that I eternally drool over. I can't have all of them but I can show what belts I really want to have to fill in my wardrobe closet! 

 This belt caught my eyes. I was like "WOW WHAT SO BEAUTIFUL!"  I can imagine that it will look great on dark blue denim pants and an emerald sweater. Look more contrast. 

 I really love this gold belt as it makes me feel like a top-world lady who only goes to cocktail parties in New York City and hold a fabulous career! Hahaha it must looks great with clothes of bright sparkling colours! 

 I love pink the most in the world. I love the design of the belt because the combination of pink and gold ALWAYS look so good! So romantic. Sigh...This belt looks good on all colours especially grey! 

 I love this unique belt because I know it will look good on my long white blouse. Too bad, I do not have it yet. Maybe in the future if I see a belt that is similar to this belt, I will grab it in NO TIME! HAHAHAHA. 

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