Fur Vs Synthetic Fur

Recently, real fur has gotten a lot of slack from various groups; what these groups don't realize is that purchasing real fur helps save the environment. When you buy synthetic fur, you buy a synthetic material that is made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these synthetic fibers don't break down naturally; they lay around and pollute landfills for thousands of years.

When you buy real fur coats, hats, glove and accessories, you buy something that won't hurt the environment. Before you buy a fur item, it goes through a dressing process; this process allows properly maintained fur to last for a long time. After a couple of years of consistent exposure to the elements, the fur will break down much like any organic materials would. This makes fur strong when it is taken care of, but it biodegrades naturally when consistently exposed to the elements.

When you buy fake fur that is made from acrylic and polymers, you contribute to an industry that is not environmentally friendly. This industry uses coal, petroleum and limestone while polluting the water and air you breathe. If you really care about the environment, buy real materials that biodegrade over time.

Real fur can withstand the elements better than plastic faux fur. It provides warmth; it is also resistant to rain, snow, sleet and ice. Fur is made from materials that need to withstand these conditions in nature; fur is nature's way of providing warmth and protection. Next time you consider purchasing faux fur, consider what you are doing to the environment. It's best to stick with mother nature.

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