Political Statements!

Written by Tamyka Bullen

The word politics might will freak out some people but what we are doing in our daily lives are political.

Every comment we are saying and every act we are doing are political because for that it will make people think of what you are and draw a final decision what to do with you. Again, we are living in the Christianized country where religions are much less welcomed into the secular government.

Everywhere I go, I am seeing more Christianized ethnics enforced in workplaces, businesses, etc. There are different revolutions such as religion tolerance, women rights, LGBT rights, Deaf rights, disabilities rights, etc. They find their rights to be recognized in the Christian philosophy.

For instance, Canada welcomes different religions as long as their religions are in cooperation with the Christian philosophy such as women have the right to be equal to men, and according to the philosophy, Christians are told by the bible to love your neighbours as you want them to love you in return. Christians are told to encourage people to express their thoughts, doubts and feelings without judgements unless if their behaviours attack certain groups, then stern punishment is the last resolution to use. Christianity becomes the politics.

Now people mingle political statements and arts to commercialize their philosophies. They express their opinions in the fashion world thrus how to dress and what are on clothes.

There are examples here:

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