5 Cute Ways to Wear Leggings

5 Cute Ways to Wear Leggings

Because rain or shine, leggings are always in style! Whether you're going for a sweet, sassy or sporty look, here are just a few ways to make your favorite accessory "pop."

1: Socks

Leg adornments don't have to be a replacement for socks. In fact, they'll last longer with that extra bit of protection over your heels and toes. Pair a lacy pair of ankle socks with your Mary Janes; get slouchy with Converse and patterned socks; wear knee-high socks under combat boots.

2: Bandeau Tops

Pair them with a bandeau top for a beach look that beats any bikini. Not only will you embody the spirit of summer through a fresh, youthful look, but you'll also appreciate the minimalism of your outfit when it comes time to wash out the sand.

3: Dresses

You knew this one was coming. Tights and dresses have gone hand-in-hand as long as fashion has existed, and their leg versions offer the same styles but with a little more breathing room.

4: Overalls

They don't quite work with shorts, but they look delightfully cute with overalls, especially if you opt for a colorful pair that makes you look like a fun farmer's daughter. Who says milking a cow can't be fashionable?

5: Tunics

Dare to be sexy by forgoing pants all together in favor of a good pair of tights-or-leggings. A long tunic will cover all your important parts while leaving your legs free to impress in skintight fabric, opaque naughtiness or flashy designs.

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