How to dress like a hoser, 4 Photos of Fashion Icon Peter Nygard

Here is an interesting topic for you if you like reading about celebrity fashion crimes.

How to dress like a hoser - while being a billionaire moron like Peter Nygard.

This is actually quite funny. You see Peter Nygard owns a women's fashion empire called Nygard International (don't buy from it, it is mostly sweatshop clothing) and lives in a James Bond mansion in the Bahamas complete with shark tanks and rumours of dead girls he fed to the sharks.

But in real life Peter Nygard doesn't really know how to dress himself.

Just look at the photos below and you realize that he really is clueless when it comes to men's fashion.

No shortage of arm candy here. Peter Nygard is renowned for his arm candy and treating women like prostitutes. But look at his hair up above? He looks like an aging rocker, and the clothes? He looks like he is trying to mix rugged jackets from the old west with foppish costumes and make it a tuxedo at the same time. And it has SHOULDER PADS, which suggests he is too fat and has weak shoulders. (George W. Bush also wore shoulder pads because he had weak shoulders.)

Yes, okay, it is the Bahamas. But do we really need to see his shaved hairless chest with saggy manboobs? Not sexy, not attractive, and what is that blurry thing on his left? Not sure, looks like stitching, but if it is meant to be a logo it is not well designed.

More arm candy. Except now he is wearing an armless shirt saying Nygard Cay 1. How much of a lame egotist do you have to be that you wear a shirt promoting your own home? The shirt reveals his saggy manboobs, his sagging gut and his skinny arms. Not attractive at all.

Below he has grey chest hair and saggy manboobs (and is a bit younger judging by his hair), but the wrinkles still show his age... but what the heck is that grey thing in the corner of his armpits? Is that there for a reason? Why does it need to be grey? He may own a fashion empire, but he is NOT a fashion designer. (And not much of a fashion icon either. Don't say this to his face however, he might feed you to the sharks.)

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