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Every Fashion Question Any Man Ever Had Has Been Answered By One Store - Kish

By D. Eze.

Fashion is usually a woman’s game. All the fashions show usually have women strutting their stuff down the runways of Milan, New York and Paris. Sure there are a few men’s collections, but for the most part it is usually women who get the most of the attention.

The fashion trends that come out of these fashions shows usually revolve around women and focus on what colours women should wear and what styles are the most fashionable this season.

Men are always the proverbial bridesmaids in this situation. Without the resources available to women, what can a man do if he wants to look good?

The truth is all men want to look good too, but they just don’t know how. They have no options on style, no information on trends and no opportunities to improve their looks.

Enter Kish Wear.  This men’s fashion atelier solves men’s problems regarding style, affordability and quality.

With products that range from heavy winter coats to crisp white dress shirts, Kish provides every man with every possible need.  The clothing also has the added benefit of being extremely fashionable as if they stepped of those runways I referred to earlier.

When I shop for pieces I always look for two things: how much will it cost me and does it look so good that I just can’t say no.  I am happy to say that Kish takes care of both of my concerns pretty well.  Below, I elaborate on why the price point and the style at Kish are just what you need to take the next step toward a more fashionable you.

Price Points

I decided to put together my own outfit just to see how much it would set me back.  Upon first looking at the website, I have to admit the style and quality had me a bit  worried that I might have to pay a hefty price for my desire to step my style game, but quickly learned that my worries were for not.

I put together a pretty amazing ensemble including Burgundy Incotex Slim-Fit Trousers made mostly of cotton and Elastane that were made in Albania, a nice Plain White Spread Collar Shirt that is crisp and clean made of cotton and polyester, and a pretty wonderful looking Knitted Italian Zipper Turtleneck Sweater made of polyester, viscose and alpaca for less than $200.00 dollars.  At other stores I could be paying twice that for the same amount of quality and style.

This is a great three-piece outfit that I could pair up with things I already own to expand my wardrobe choices exponentially and I gain the ability to make my tired old clothing look extra special given the quality of the pieces.


I have mentioned before that these cloths look like they came directly off the runway and I was not lying.  The range of colours, patterns, cuts and fits all combine to make even the most unstylish schlub into model material.

Kish releases men from their black, navy blue, grey, and brown/tan prisons and lets them revel in the freedom of bold, interesting colours.  Turquoise and burgundy are among some of the colours you can look forward to wearing with this atelier along with the mainstays listed above.  You can mix and match with a broader range of hews and experiment with something you may not have considered wearing before.

The patterns are much more interesting too.  You no longer have to choose between tartan and pinstrip, now you can be guided by whatever inspires you.  One interesting patterned piece is a lovely blue and white water drop skirt that is definitely one of a kind.

Slim fit is unquestionably in and very much represented by Kish in a broad range of slim fit styles.  Their European cut trousers and blazers are very trendy and will absolutely turn heads.

Asymmetry, dynamic cuts and clean lines are mainstays with this fashion house and are most prominent in their sweaters and jackets.  Some prime examples are the Charcoal Grey Peacoat and the Knitted Italian Wool-Blend Brown Cardigan.  If you want to look like you are forward thinking in terms of style give these wonderfully tailored pieces a try.  One thing is for sure; your admirers will not believe the price.

There is no need to wonder what can I do to improve my style, Kish answers all of your questions with simple, clean, dynamic clothing.  Pick and choose which pieces you think will make you look your best and walk with pride with your chic self.

So look no longer men, you have finally found your salvation.  Be stylish, be bold, be daring and check out Kish.  You sense of style will thank you for it.

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