Step it up and get your shoes out of a rut

Take a Step in a New Direction

It's easy to get into a rut in any area of life. Your shopping habits and wardrobe styles may be one of those areas. You probably go through the traditional chore of packing and unpacking seasonal clothes. But, do you really look at those items you're unpacking? Is it time to access them carefully and make some changes in your wardrobe style? Do you still have those shoes that you've worn year after year and always promised yourself you will discard them at the end of the season? Why not make this the year you discard them and invest in some new, stylish and appropriately made footwear.

Looking at the collection of sandals, running shoes, walking shoes and sports specific shoes available at sites like can be an enlightening experience for someone who hasn't shopped for shoes lately. You'll find shoes for work, play, exercise and leisure. For the moment, let's focus on leisure footwear. Did you know that you can make a style statement and pamper yourself with the shoes you wear when you are out and about doing everything from grocery shopping to partying with friends on the beach? Massaging slides allow you to do just that.

Summertime and sandals are an ideal match. This year, you can impress your friends and enhance your comfort level with sandals made from the same material yoga mats are made from. How amazing is that? Men can flaunt their flair for style and value for meticulous details with leisure footwear that has "stash pocket" incorporated into the shoe's design.

When you start taking advantage of the longer, nicer days, you want to be sure to wear the proper type of shoes for the adventure you plan to participate in. Having a single source for shoes that accommodate various activities will simplify your shopping experience. Kids, women and men need shoes that are designed to provide the support and comfort needed when engaged in various activities. Kids are often more concerned with the aesthetics of their footwear. Parents can feel good about buying flashy colored shoes in quirky designs as long as they know that support and comfort are key feature in the shoe's design.

Go ahead, toss out those worn out shoes and enjoy a new level of comfort and an expressive sense of style with new footwear. Appropriately fitting shoes are essential to healthy, pain-free feet.

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