Is Handcrafted Jewelry Right For You?

Is Handcrafted Jewelry Right For You?

Mass-produced jewelry is not as popular as it used to be, and many people find that handmade pieces fit their style and budget better than jewelry from large retailers. People love this trend; handcrafted jewelry makers are seeing an explosion in sales. Like silver jewelry and precious stones, handcrafted pieces will never go out of style.

Why Are So Many People Making The Switch?

Makes A Great Gift

Handmade pieces are very distinct; there are no two pieces that look exactly the same. Since it's impossible to buy duplicate pieces, many people find that handmade jewelry makes a perfect gift. When you're shopping for someone who has it all, you still have a chance to impress them with your originality and creativity. Look for handmade sets that include a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earring for a fantastic gift.


Handmade Latin American jewelry is appropriate for all occasions. If you need formal jewelry, you can buy a piece that goes great with your formal attire. Look for jewelry with a silver strand and small beads; this style complements almost all formal wear without detracting from your outfit.

For casual situations, you can wear something that is a little more flashy and bold. Bracelets, cuffs and necklaces with dangling beads will get you noticed quickly, and parties are the perfect place to wear this type of attire.


Every piece of handmade jewelry brings a unique look to your wardrobe. If you're tired of wearing pieces that all look the same, then you can make the switch to handmade pieces. There are tons of varieties and styles to choose from, so you never have to worry about running out of options. Every piece is handcrafted, so they all differ in size, shape and color.

It's Noticeable

No one notices store-bought jewelry; when you wear a mass-produced piece, you wear something that everyone else has. When you buy a handcrafted piece, people take notice because they've never seen anything like it.

Unique handmade pieces are easy to build an outfit around, so you'll end up wearing them much more than your other jewelry. Eventually, you'll notice that you barely ever take them off.

Handmade jewelry is an affordable option for people who are sick of expensive and derivative pieces. When you buy a handmade piece, you wear something that is unique and noticeable. Handmade pieces bring you the compliments, positive attention and versatility that regular jewelry can't.

Men's Nursing Scrubs

Many times, gentlemen who work in the nursing profession feel like they have no good options when it comes to clothing for work. Scrubs can tend to be feminine and not allow a guy to look his best. However, the mens scrubs offered at Dickies will allow a guy to look great and feel great work.

Gentlemen who work in the nursing profession have a right to feel masculine and look the part at the same time. This is especially true when guys work in emergency rooms or high-pressure situations. They need to have a chance to feel like the strong nurse that they are. Therefore, the scrubs for men that Dickies offers are the only real option when dressing for work.

Dickies produces the best scrubs for gentlemen in the industry. Not only are they rugged and masculine, but they are designed to hold up under the high-stress work that guys do everyday as nurses.

When shopping for scrubs for men, remember to search Dickies and see all the scrub options they have. Their scrubs are better-designed, durable, and professional for the work environment. Guys can feel like themselves when they dress for work at a hospital or any medical office.

Planning Your Wedding - Choosing the wedding rings, venue and dress

Choosing the wedding dress, the wedding rings and picking the venue for the wedding are three of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when getting married.

The wedding rings is partly a fashion issue, and also partly a measurement of dedication. If the rings are really cheap the chances are more likely that you and your betrothed aren't that serious about each other. If they are too expensive and the man is paying for it, it is rather like he is just buying your affection. (And maybe you should not be marrying a man who is either too cheap or too rich - because both are flakey when it comes to long term relationships.) Wedding rings should be expensive, yes, but they should not be ridiculously expensive.

Choosing the venue however could simply be a matter of architecture and decor. An outdoor wedding for example will typically be held in sumptuous gardens or even on the beach. Rare is the wedding that is held in the middle of the desert or in an asphalt parking lot. Price is less a factor for the location, it is more about sentimentality for the location. Often people get married at their parents' church, their local synagogue, at the family farm, where they first met, places that have special religious or memorable meaning to them. Choosing a wedding hall is a more modern convention, but an understandable one since the place comes ready-made with decorations and everything you expect to have at a wedding reception.

One of the biggest decisions a bride will make is the wedding dress itself. This is an area in which the bride gets to have as much fun and play with their options as they feel like. Typically the groom rarely sees the dress before the wedding itself.

From a fashion perspective there is a lot of room to experiment and make a truly unique wedding dress. Don't go for the same old boring wedding dress designs we've seen for decades. Find a dress designer with a vision of something unique.

Unique Earrings and Necklaces

Jewelry is about taking something shiny and making it yours. It is your way of saying 'Oooo shiny!' and then choosing to wear that piece of shiny stuff.

And the beauty of this principle is that ANYTHING (well almost anything) can be polished and made into something shiny.

Take marblewood for example. It is a dark wood with thick lines in it, similar to marble stone. But take it, cut a shape in it, polish it so it is super smooth, and voila, it is shiny and beautiful!

You could do that same thing with a random piece of wood you pick up and it would probably still look good, it just would not look amazing like marblewood does.

And this is why gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other gems are so valuable. And pearls, jade and other precious bits of shiny.

These days we make a lot of jewelry out of glass, like the Stud Earrings or the Turquoise Necklace shown below.

Such jewelry isn't even possible without glass in the correct shape. Oh yes, you could carve jade or other bits of more expensive gemstones into the right shape - but it would be extremely expensive and troublesome to make the gemstones those specific shapes.

Usually with gemstones they are cut to a generic shape and then set on a piece of jewelry. Like the shapes below. These shapes are commonly used to preserve the basic shape of the raw gem so the gem can be sold as it's largest cut size. Selling an uncut gem won't get the same value, and cutting down a larger gem into tinier pieces will deplete the overall value. It is more profitable to sell the gem at its largest size after being cut.

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