Planning Your Wedding - Choosing the wedding rings, venue and dress

Choosing the wedding dress, the wedding rings and picking the venue for the wedding are three of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when getting married.

The wedding rings is partly a fashion issue, and also partly a measurement of dedication. If the rings are really cheap the chances are more likely that you and your betrothed aren't that serious about each other. If they are too expensive and the man is paying for it, it is rather like he is just buying your affection. (And maybe you should not be marrying a man who is either too cheap or too rich - because both are flakey when it comes to long term relationships.) Wedding rings should be expensive, yes, but they should not be ridiculously expensive.

Choosing the venue however could simply be a matter of architecture and decor. An outdoor wedding for example will typically be held in sumptuous gardens or even on the beach. Rare is the wedding that is held in the middle of the desert or in an asphalt parking lot. Price is less a factor for the location, it is more about sentimentality for the location. Often people get married at their parents' church, their local synagogue, at the family farm, where they first met, places that have special religious or memorable meaning to them. Choosing a wedding hall is a more modern convention, but an understandable one since the place comes ready-made with decorations and everything you expect to have at a wedding reception.

One of the biggest decisions a bride will make is the wedding dress itself. This is an area in which the bride gets to have as much fun and play with their options as they feel like. Typically the groom rarely sees the dress before the wedding itself.

From a fashion perspective there is a lot of room to experiment and make a truly unique wedding dress. Don't go for the same old boring wedding dress designs we've seen for decades. Find a dress designer with a vision of something unique.

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