Unique Earrings and Necklaces

Jewelry is about taking something shiny and making it yours. It is your way of saying 'Oooo shiny!' and then choosing to wear that piece of shiny stuff.

And the beauty of this principle is that ANYTHING (well almost anything) can be polished and made into something shiny.

Take marblewood for example. It is a dark wood with thick lines in it, similar to marble stone. But take it, cut a shape in it, polish it so it is super smooth, and voila, it is shiny and beautiful!

You could do that same thing with a random piece of wood you pick up and it would probably still look good, it just would not look amazing like marblewood does.

And this is why gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other gems are so valuable. And pearls, jade and other precious bits of shiny.

These days we make a lot of jewelry out of glass, like the Stud Earrings or the Turquoise Necklace shown below.

Such jewelry isn't even possible without glass in the correct shape. Oh yes, you could carve jade or other bits of more expensive gemstones into the right shape - but it would be extremely expensive and troublesome to make the gemstones those specific shapes.

Usually with gemstones they are cut to a generic shape and then set on a piece of jewelry. Like the shapes below. These shapes are commonly used to preserve the basic shape of the raw gem so the gem can be sold as it's largest cut size. Selling an uncut gem won't get the same value, and cutting down a larger gem into tinier pieces will deplete the overall value. It is more profitable to sell the gem at its largest size after being cut.

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