Sarongs for the Summer

Best ways to wear a sarong this summer

There are many clever and attractive ways to wear a sarong, and this versatility is one of the reasons that these garments are the season's best purchase for consumers to make. These airy and gauzy products go from the office to the beach, the club to the grocery store. With so many unique ways to wrap and tie a sarong, these will become virtually whatever the wearer wants them to.

Nobody wants to have their sarong come untied or constantly struggle with keeping it secure, however. Many vendors and retailers that sell quality sarongs also carry some must-have gadgets that cost very little: sarong ties. These ingenious little fasteners allow wearers to secure their sarong through the holes of the clip, keeping it safely and consistently in place. This brings a bit of comfort and peace of mind to those wearing sarongs as dresses, halters or shifts, when it might be embarrassing or worrisome to risk a wardrobe malfunction!

These ties are actually small discs with perfectly-sized holes and many feature a bit of a concave shape that rests nicely on a hip or shoulder. The colors and styles are vast, and there is something for anyone looking for an attractive way to accent their sarong while also increasing the potential for wearing it. Some ties found online feature iridescent facades, while others feature whimsical shapes in bright colors. Whatever the buyer's personal preference, it is really the best investment to purchase these simple fixtures- often found below five dollars- to augment their existing sarongs, as well as any exciting new sarongs that they may be buying later on.

These clips are an excellent gift too. While wearing these ties with a sarong is pragmatic, these can also be used with a shawl, scarf, or tie to create a unique look. It is definitely worthwhile to have at least one great sarong tie in a jewelry box or closet to pull out and secure apparel, accessories, and sarongs to construct and create the perfect look for any and all occasions. Buy a couple extra to share with friends or coworkers. These are an excellent solution to a "secret santa" or a gift swap that often has a spending limit set for the participants. While it might be challenging to find a gift that others will truly like, anyone who has ever tried to tie and experiment with a sarong will love the new options and potential that these clever ties provide.

Finding top quality jewelry in big cities

Tips for finding fine gems in the city

When looking at fine gems and jewelry in metropolitan areas, it makes sense to buy from sellers that stand behind their products. Investing in high-end pieces should involve some degree of authentication when not making purchases from revered jewelers or retail venues, and many buyers may want to enlist assistance from area diamond experts to ensure they are getting what they are paying for.

Perhaps the most popular gem among consumers are diamonds. When looking at diamonds NYC is a city with much to offer potential buyers. There are gifted artisans, jewelers, and craftsmen that will provide unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry items to really showcase the stone and sparkle. Some vendors may offer unique faceting or unusual settings for the stones, to make their products stand out above the rest.

There is an irresistibly brilliant diamond offered in some retail venues that implement faceting beyond what is typically found in a round, cut diamond. The 90 faceted cut ensures a stone that is brighter and more sparkly than others, and that result in a clear, white stone suitable for settings of all types. Most diamonds are faceted using fewer cuts, which is what gives the stone dimension and depth. This enhanced facet lends to a distinctive shimmer and stone that reflects more light and seems to dance right before the buyer's eyes.

In addition to the facet of the stone, cut also describes the shape or style of the piece. The cut can enhance or impede the setting, so it is important to pay attention to diamonds that are amplifying the attributes of the piece or that seem to change the color of the stone itself.

The color of the diamond is something else to consider. Clear, white stones were always considered the benchmark of a quality stone, however there are some new colored diamonds that are inching their way to surpass the demand and price of these more conventional rocks. For example, there are some vibrant blue, red, and pink diamonds that are considered more valuable and that are priced higher than comparable white diamonds. Be sure that the vendor supports the natural color of the stone and that it is, in fact, a true diamond before making a purchase.

Funny Shirt, 36-24-36

It is tricky to read, but the shirt says:


This Isn't My Size...
It's How Many Beer, Wine
Coolers And Shots I Need To
Even Talk To you!!

Any girl who buys this shirt clearly....

Has a sense of humour.
Likes alcohol.
Doesn't want jerks around her.

And any men dumb enough to try and get her drunk clearly fall into the jerk category.
Which means they are not worth talking to.

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